Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Red leaves cascading down to carpet the yard with dancing color, dew drenched grass in the early mornings, frosty breaths escaping from the bird bath, and clear blue skies are all forecasters of Autumn.  Here in Central Ohio, we really don't need look at the calendar to know that we are one step closer to snow and icy cold.  But meanwhile, it is time to enjoy Mother Nature putting on one more show embracing herself with color.

Grab a hot beverage as the Crisp Fall air is here to stay
Another thing that this time of the year signals is that it won't be long until we hear the jingling sound of bells and Christmas Carols.  What a perfect time to start your list of wants and subtle hints to those wanting to gift you with the perfect present.  For Bead Artist, those definitely would be some of the finest books to entice and wet the creative appetite.  Lark  Craft Books has a fantastic line of books that should and need to be in any crafter/artist book case.  I know they are all there in mine within easy reach for me to casually thumb through whenever I have a few moments to luxuriate in projects and just plain eye candy.  Therefore, I'm going to showcase a few of the newer books Lark has to offer this month. So get ready to want...and want some more...and want even more.  Lark Books has something for everyone's taste.

Keep your eyes out for a month of book reviews by me of  Lark Craft Books featuring designers and artist that are currently creating challenging pieces of Art.

And don't forget that inspiration can be found as close as your own backyard.

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