Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Sabine Lippert

Before I start my review of Sabine's luscious book, I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have written me, left me comments or sent me cards.  We are slowly getting our lives back to normal after Frodo & Arwen's death.  We only have Fiona left now, and she's a pretty old sluggish dog whose normal day consist of 20 hours of napping.  It is so quiet around here.  We've always had pretty energetic dogs since 1989, so it seems something is missing.  Thank you everyone.

Last Saturday, I got myself up bright and early waiting at my computer so I could register for Beading by the Bay.  They only have limited spaces left, and I'm happy to say that I was able to get a space for next year.  The best part is that I'll be joining some of my friends in San Francisco who I haven't seen in a couple of years though we text or e-mail frequently, it is fun to hug and laugh at the moment.  I can't wait. Susan Kazarian and Marcia DeCoster partner to bring three teachers a year to the beautiful Bay area in March.   2013 teachers are Marcia DeCoster, Huib Petersen, and Sabine Lippert.  Now aren't I the luckiest girl?  I know I am especially since this year I'll be able to take all the things I've learned from Sabine's newest book and see them up close and personal in the class she'll be teaching. 

Sabine Lippert's book Beaded Fantasies: 30 Romantic Jewelry Projects came out in May of 2012 to much acclaim for this wonderful addition to the Lark Jewelry& Beading Beadweaver Master Class series.  You have to be sitting down when you open this book and turn from page to page with twitching fingers.  Each image will make you faint with delight, and the context page filled with little snippets of what the book holds entices you inside this rich book.  Sabine's introduction tells that "from the moment I first touched beads, I became totally addicted".  Sound familiar?  She confesses to bring beading projects with her every where.  Again, doesn't that sound like something you do also?  She tells the reader to "Be Brave and Confident.  Use this book as a starting point, then try your own designs" and to "listen to the sound of your beads".  I believe Sabine is talking directly to my Muse, and my Muse after devouring this new book is very well pleased. 

Isn't this a very clever design using bugle beads?
What a rich and delicious necklace to wear to a party

Each project takes the reader further into the journey of making rich romantic pieces of Art.  Sabine's highly detailed graphics and up close photographs of each portion of the project helps guide the reader.  Her use of rivolis and pearls are mind bending as you go from one highly textured exciting project to the next.  And if you want to feel even more faint, then leaf through all the projects and spend time going through the gallery viewing pieces from some of today's most talented bead weavers.  I think smelling salts might be needed near by.

Wonderfully detailed close ups of project

All and all, I was extremely pleased to be able to review this book. And I am beyond excited getting to fly out to San Francisco next March and take a class with Sabine.  Who knows, maybe I'll get my Muse to stop looking at this book and actually guide me to make a couple of these projects to wear on the plane heading to Beading by the Bay.

And she even gives you a view of what the back of the project looks like

Here is a link to go to the Lark webpage and download Les Fleurs Necklace.  Thank you so much Lark.

Les Fleurs: photo borrowed from Lark Website 

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coolmoon said...

I bought this book last weekend - and I too - LOVE IT! I've already sticky noted several pages! THANK you, Sabine, and THANK you, Lark - for another brilliant beading book.

Gloria said...

My little beagle made the house so full of life and when he passed, 5 years ago, empty spaces and quiet were a huge enveloping ache. 15 months later I saw Lucy online, she was passed from house to house and back again, not fitting in, after seven years her person no longer had room in her life for a dog and was going to have her put down. So, I adopted her. It hasn't been perfectly easy, but well worth while.

Hope you fill in all that quiet with those good memories of Arwen and Frodo.

Enjoyed your review of this book. Have a fabulous trip next March!