Thursday, September 27, 2012

More necklaces

I wore my new necklace Cranberry Thirst to Pink Flamingo today.  I decided to use a RAW piece to keep the last two cabs from flipping.  I would still like to do more to it, but after the reception it got at the bead store today, I think I'm just going to keep it the way it is.  I DO need to find my thread zapper which is buried under a pile of fabric/beads/fibers on my work table.  I really need to take some time to clean that place up.  Pink Flamingo is one of our latest bead stores in Columbus Ohio that is closing.  Donna from Pink Flamingo after 14 years is closing her doors in the Powell area.  The first time I went there was with the group Ohio Beaders.  The store is in an old two story house with each room showcasing different beading techniques.  The front room had a class room.  I never bought much from the store as it is a little out of my way and the traffic in Powell is really tight and busy.  But today I went in as they were having a 35% off sale.  I bought a great purse which will eventually be encrusted along with some empty tubes, displays, pearls and of course...seed beads!  Donna told me that there were several people interested in buying the store. 

And yes! I'm still in a manic beading frenzy.  I still have so many ideas wanting to get out.  I have taken a position on the board of Beading for a Cure: Layne's Legacy.  This next year I want to get the word out to as many people as I possibly can as our cause is near to so many hearts.  So many people have been touched by colon cancer through a family member, a friend, a coworker, or personally.  Though a small group, we have managed to send in thousands of dollars for colo-rectal cancer research in the name of our friend who we all met many years ago on All About Beads a Delphi Forum chat group.  I already did the one piece with the raku owl made by Duane Collins, but we had people drop out so I along with several others are working on making a second piece that will be auctioned off next year.  For my second piece, I wanted to do something more feminine so I chose to take the pink out of the color palette.  Next week before I mail this off, I'll take better pictures and share with you my pictures of how it was designed and constructed but for now a quick picture of it on "Louise".
Winner's Circle....still needs a little more work as the chain is too weak

I've met so many wonderful people on Facebook. First and foremost are the bead artist out there who are constantly challenging each other.  My current challenge partner is Rose Thorn.  We were partnered together by Lori Anderson to do the Pantone Fall color bead swap.  Now this is just  a swap and we are not obligated to make anything with what we sent to each other, but my o my...aren't these lovely.  Rose really went out of her way to spoil me.  The lamp works are going to give this seed beader a run for her money in designing.

And just a little personal thing for you who wonder a little about the me behind the beads.  I work in a laboratory that is currently being reconfigured into a regional Medical Center in the Northern quadrant of Columbus.  We are getting a big robotic arm that will run our chemistry department from receiving the specimens in the computer to putting the tubes away in the refrigerator.  Hopefully it will all work.  For now we are extremely cramped and working in very tight quarters.  This is my chair in Chemistry and yes!  I have to squeeze through to get to the instruments in the back.  I know it will all get better but meanwhile, I'm getting use to the bruises. 

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AntiquityTravelers said...

What a gorgeous necklace! and can't wait to see what you do with your pantone swap beads ... that is some lovely soup :)