Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A weekend with Marcia DeCoster

To begin I want to thank all of you here and on Facebook who wrote to me about Mr. Frodo's death.  We are still adjusting to it, but as you know it takes so long to let things settle.  I see him all over the place, and actually look for him in the backyard.  Arwen is very depressed and just can't seem to get over it.  It is going to take us all time.  Thank you so much.  You've made this dark place brighter with your concerns.
The last weekend in August, I was so lucky to not only get to take two marvelous classes with Marcia DeCoster, but I got to have my friend (and Marcia's assistant) Liz Thompson stay with me.  The three of us just had a blast with both classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop in Dublin Ohio but also at lunch and dinner.  Mz. Marcia even got to adopt one of Rose & Otis' children to take back to San Diego.  Please share with me in these photos the joy and fun I had that weekend.

Marcia and Liz early Friday morning at 1 Stop

Eating lunch from Trader Joes outside in the nice weather

Liz is from Michigan & for some reason I could not get her to sing Carmen Ohio with us

The traveling bracelet gets handed off from Marcia to Liz
Liz gives a helping hand to some of 1 Stop's regulars

Marcia explains right angle weave to the group

We were so fortunate to have Liz assisting the classes

My finished Aelia
The back of Aelia

Dinner at Yanni's

Marcia's Etruscean Treasure samples
Class Mascots

Marcia got to take Oggie back with her to San Diego
My Etruscean Treasure with a nylon chain from 1 Stop
Liz's great beading tray.  And we both had coffee to relax Saturday night

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