Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adventures of Cranberry Thirst

I love remaking things from items that would automatically be thrown away by other.  Take for example a bunch of very ugly necklaces on display at the thrift store.  I got three separate ones that were probably some of the most atrocious designs I have seen in everything was plastic.  Now, I believe in not being a bead snob, so I told the Muse to help me create something with these horribly plastic beads that caught my attention.  Why you say did they do that, well, they were this luscious matte cranberry covered ovals.  To me they spoke & said...make us worthy of our color.  So here is some progress pictures of one of the necklaces I made with those plastic beads.  It is still in the construction phase as I got it all done, hung it on "Louise" and it looked back to the design board.  Hopefully I can get something a little more pleasing after a few more walks around the block with my Muse.

Start with plastic beads along with some complimentary seeds and Nicole's Bead Backing

I knew there was a reason I still had my BeadSmith bead board.  Trying out a design element
Another design experiment ripped out
OH NO!  Look at the connectors and how they kink out.  Not very attractive so another rip out
Inspiration for the name Cranberry Thirst
 Please join me later to see if I finally got this  piece to look and hang right.  My next try is Right Angle Weave connectors for the upper two medallions


Gutukas said...

I just love the idea of saving somrthing thst is worth for some reasons. Beautiful colour. A very persistent creator - You are :0)

FloRaeMe said...

The bezels look great and what a great idea, an "eco" bead soup. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

The bad Liz said...

Thank you, thank you! So it's just doesn't always happen, and I shouldn't feel bad because my components aren't talking to me....I will try and try again. And maybe take pictures!!