Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monster mistake

You know sometimes after you've been working on a project for over two weeks, you've just got to give up on it and move on.  I did this to a purse project.

Fabric insert with glass blobs attached
I bought a big purse in a thrift store loving the shape of it and thought it would look great with a newly fabric and beaded covering.  I picked out a really fun looking fabric, glued some flat back marbles on it.  Then to give it a Scottie flare, I went through all my old jewelry and found a cute pin to use.  Then I started to work on it.  And I worked. And I worked. And I worked.  I finally was happy with the beading making sure that at least 50% of the fabric was still visible.  Then I attempted to put the covering on the actual purse.  It was a disaster.  Luckily I hadn't glued it down yet or else I could never have salvaged a thing.  I had it all pinned on and was looking at the piece from every angle.  Suddenly, my brain just said this is a big monster mistake.  First off the piece of jewelry didn't match the beading. Then the actual overlay on the purse looked even worse. So I took it all off and threw it on my worktable vowing to never try that trick again.  The shape of the purse was just all wrong for attempting this in this manner.

So it sat there for only a day when out came the scissors and I began to cut it up.  At first I was going to take all the beading off, but luckily my wits stopped me short saying what was I doing after two weeks of work. So I stopped and rethought the destruction process.  Then I cut each of the pieces apart and sat them aside playing with this like pieces of puzzles.  A flash! This was going to become a necklace instead.  So now I've been playing around weaving all these pieces together.  Oh it is one big necklace.  I haven't any photographs of the actual necklace construction, but that will come later.  I'm just hoping this works out as what will I do with a huge monster necklace?

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char said...

I have just such a project still tucked away waiting for my muse to come up with something, don't want to cut off the beads, way too many to do that. Maybe one day I too will turn my huge mistake into something worth having. Hope so anyway. Can't wait to see your necklace. Happy beading.