Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daryl & Mike

I love making new trolls from Ute's Oggie pattern. I can't stop! It is an addiction, but a very fun addiction. I sew up the pieces, then go through all my stash of socks and fabric to dress each up differently. These are my two new dolls. The first is Daryl and his bunny Mike. Daryl is wearing a pair of monkey socks that my niece gave to me. The bunny slippers were bought at Joann's. I made Mike out of left overs from Arwen's crate fabric. The hair is from a feather boa I had hanging around.

I'm feeling better now. Tried to eat a Wendy's hamburger last night but it was so cold and greasy that I gave up & just had an orange instead. Probably was better for me. Today is is warm outside, but gray & gloomy. I can't let that stand in my way as I need to get out to buy some Christmas presents. I really hate going to the Mall but since it is only 5 minutes from the house at least I don't have to drive for hours. Usually I find a close place to park in the back so no problem there. Now I just hope that the crowds are in a better mood than last time I was over there. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Dot
Merry Christmas!
Love your newest troll, especially with the rabbit. Too cute. I'm glad you are feeling better. Having got dentures this year, I can certainly sympathize with the . . inconvenience..not being able to eat what you want is. But hey, I lost 30 pounds so I don't complain...anymore.
xx, Carol