Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One World One Heart And Winter enchantment

I wanted to share with you the give aways I received from the One World One Heart blog event last month that whirled us all around the world visiting other artists' blog & sharing a look into other lives. I found so many new blogs to follow from this event and am enjoying learning new techniques and getting to know other artist.

First off, I got this wonderful heart shape mini quilt from Monique. I wrote & told her that Daisy loves the quilt & won't let go of it since she saw it emerge from the package. Monique also sent me an adorable card, but Daisy squirreled that away & can't find it. Then I got this two Angelself.com. It was a cold wintry day here in Ohio when I shoveled my way out to the mailbox & two little pieces of Spring were there. They sit here so I can look at them instead of the gray gloom outside the window. Then another package came in smelling so wonderful, that Chris had to stand there when I opened it. There was a sampling of delicious soaps from Sweet Sally's Soaps. These are only a couple of the bars as the rest are in our bathrooms giving them enticingly wonderful scents. I don't know which is my favorite, yet.

Artbeads.com has also posted the entries for their Winter Enchantment Designs by bloggers. There are some great pieces here. Artbeads.com is one of my favorite places to shop on line...yours???

Chris & I have decided to become vendors at Artistic Figures in Cloth this coming April in Columbus Ohio. Chris has been working on some new pieces to be for sale. I also have been working on a few things.

I just found out that Treasures of the Gypsy are also going to be a vendor at AFIC. If you've never ever ever seen some of their fabrics & trims then you are just going to be blown away. They usually don't travel East of the Mississippi, so Cyndy must have really worked hard to get them to come to AFIC. Even if you are not into dolls you MUST come just to visit Treasure of the Gypsy's booth. When in Albuquerque, I saw people dropping thousands...not hundreds mind you, but thousands of dollars as there are fabrics and trims you won't find any place else. So mark the last weekend on your calender to see some fabulous dolls and do some outstanding shopping here in Columbus


soraya nulliah said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your support of my last post. It is an atrocious situation with no end in sight... this genocide against girls in India.
I wanted to tell you that I have your little monster in my studio-reminding me to make friends with my fears:) So glad we met via OWOH. xxx

angelself said...

So glad you love your two little pieces of Spring, Dot =) The heart quilt is precious, and the soaps look delicious. What a lucky lady you are!

ladybug said...

I can see why Daisy likes the quilt so much...she wears it well! ;) Hopefully she'll let you find the little card again some day! LOL

It was a pleasure meeting you during the event this year! I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future (and seeing the great things that you are up to!)