Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Resolution

I know...two post in one day. But I didn't want to put these two pieces of jewelry in the blog announcement about Beading for a Cure.

My resolution for 2011 was to concentrate on practicing new beading techniques and to develop new pieces of jewelry. I've been busy making new necklaces and finished these two just in time to enter the Bead Maven's Vernal Visions contest with the deadline of March 21st. If you ever want to just spend some time looking at some delicious pieces of eye candy and pick up many ideas for beading and jewelry making, then definitely become a follower to this great blog where 5 top notch bead artist share ideas and projects with you. You won't be disappointed as it is an awe inspiring blog.

So here are the two necklaces I entered: This is Daffodil Spring which was inspired by a morning after getting off work looking at the ice covered world while the Three Scotties roamed the yard looking for rabbits. I looked down at the green sprouts around the patio and was just enthralled with the green sparkling promise of Spring Daffodils.

This second piece is what is left over from my big beaded collar called Na Pali Dream. Remember I said I tore it apart after putting in one only once and not liking it? Well, this is what I did with all those left over pieces cannibalized from that beaded collar. I like is so much better, and it actually looks good around my neck. It is once again inspired from that one moment in time standing on the north shores of Kauai looking over the Na Pali coastline as the mist from the surrounding water falls encompassed us. I frightened a small brown lizard who scurried from under the technicolored ferns. It was a mystical place and all this Winter with the snow, the ice, the frigid temperatures, and now the monsoon of rain, I think of that eternal place of Spring and beauty.Oh, by the way, Chris made a light box to take pictures of our new art pieces. Hasn't he done a wonderful job getting the diffused light to keep the harsh shadows from these? I can't wait to share some of the new items he's made. Also, he is going to be a vendor at AFIC next month here in Columbus. I'm going to have him post a few more of his robots in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous! I especially love the Spring Daffodils piece, the colors are lovely. Good luck in the contest!

Edwina Sutherland said...

lovely work! love the colours!

Sue said...

More wonderful work! I love my light box, too - you really get to focus on the details of the work.