Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bead Club March

Before I tell you about Bead Club, I wanted to remind everyone that the 16th is the last day to register for contest to win a trip to 2012 Gem and Jewelry show in Tucson. That is one heck of a prize. I would love to win that. Imagine living here in the snow belt and being able to board a plane and spend time in Tucson with the warmer weather and BEADS! What could be better? I can't think of anything in the winter except if they also threw in an ice cream social every single night. Also, Artbeads is having a special 20% off Luck of the Irish Sale with a 20% discount of orders of $60 or more. But you only have until the 14th for this deal. The coupon code for that is ZZ-IRISH20

Now to Bead Club. Last night was the second time I attended. It is held at 1 Stop Bead Shop the second Friday of the month. Two of the girls decided to do a mini workshop during Bead Club time which really hit home base. It is always more fun to sit with a group of women working on a project while gossiping and getting to know each other. The project this month was from a magazine we all had using the 2 needle right angle weave. I can do RAW but had never tried using two needles. The project called for 6 feet of Fireline which to me is way way too much. I got it all tangled up in my first try and decided to cut it in half and use only 3 feet which was easy for me to handle. Everyone else thought the 6 feet was a little extreme too. The first round went well with the color coded needles criss crossing to get the RAW pattern, then it got really funky as the written directions and the diagrams were almost impossible to decipher. Twelve of use scratching our heads and trying to come up with ideas on what the designer was telling us made everyone frustrated. Now usually I detest being frustrated while trying to figure someone out, but this time having others sharing this feeling with me made it more tolerable & we were all actually laughing about being so frustrated. I finally gave up the second needle and just concentrated doing RAW with one needle and you know what...the end product looked exactly like what everyone else who were brave enough to keep on struggling with the 2 needle version had done. So you want to see what my project looked like when I got finished? Sorry. I tore it apart this morning when I got up as I hated how it puckered when zipped the pieces together. Now, I'm not defeated by this project (for a change) and am going to rework it using regular 1 needle right angle weave. I'm practicing on doing this because I'm going to be taking Marcia DeCoster's Raising Sun at B&B and want to make sure I have a good understanding of the basics before tackling this class. So all in all, I had a blast! It was so much fun to spend three hours sharing lives, beads, and laughter with new found friends. Hope to see some of you next month when Barb is going to be sharing a workshop on beaded rings.s

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