Monday, January 17, 2011

Scotties and more Scotties

Last week was catching up with all kinds of things after the past two months of Chris' illness & hospitalization. One of the things I hadn't done while he was sick was to groom all three Scotties. I looked at them and realized that I just didn't have the time or the energy to bath and groom all three extremely fuzzy dogs. SO....I called my Vet and made arrangements to have all three cleaned up. Fiona hadn't been professional groomed since she was 18 months old and we were trying to decided if she could possibly be a show dog. She loved when Kim Lindsey stripped her making her red coat just blaze, but unfortunately Fi also didn't like being the center of attention at dog shows tucking her tail between her legs and ears flat to her head, so she wasn't made to do that. Arwen and Frodo have only been groomed by me, so it was a big old surprise for them to have someone else do it. I used the groomer at my vet, Worthingon Woods Animal Hospital. They all look great!

Arwen & Frodo were done Monday. Frodo had to have an aspirate of a growth on his shoulder (benign...benign...benign!). Oh, Fiona enjoyed the day without Ar & Fro. She was in doggie spa sleeping in the middle of the room, roaming around without anyone growling at her. She was in heaven. Then Tuesday Fiona had to have all her vaccines as my Vet put them on hold until her Diabetes was a little more control. Then Fiona got groomed on Wednesday. Wow...three cleaned groomed Scotties in three days! A record.

So now to get my new garage door opener installed today. Yeah! Seems that everything want to break all at once. I also know Chris is feeling better after his ordeal. He wanted to go to the Sony Style store over at Easton to look at new televisions!

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