Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gloomy weekend

Today is just another typical winter day in Central Ohio. Or in other words: gray, gloomy, cold, wet. I think Seattle gets more sunshine than we do. We've had enough snow this Winter already, but at least we've missed the big snow storms that have been pounding the East coast. Still, I can't wait to feel some warm Sun on my face and that doesn't mean while I'm sitting in the front room looking out at the white cold stuff on the ground. People on Facebook are talking about going to Tucson for the big bead show...wahhh...I wanna go, but it is impossible as someone has to stick around working and making the world safe for those who are having lots of fun in the Sun in Arizona.

I've changed my rotation on weekends so that I can go to all the fun things I'm planning this year without having to beg and swap weekends with my coworkers. So I've worked two weekends in a row...I should be old hat at this considering how many weekends I worked last year in a row, but I miss seeing my family and getting to do things normal folks do who have weekends off. How many years until I can retire????

Well, I thought I'd post some gloomy Ohio winter pictures taken from my back window. The snow has been packed down with doggie tracks all over. By the way, they hate the snow too especially since I got them all groomed, and they are nekkid (ie, no skirts or furnishing).

This is Frodo checking out the back making sure there has been no squirrels or rabbits roaming around since his last check. With his new haircut (oops, don't say that word out loud or else he'll take off & hide under the bed), you can really see his brindle coat. I can't believe that he is going to be 8 years old in May, but he's still a little pain at times. He loves being out as long as possible making me put on a coat & "escorting" him back inside.

Fiona has the perfect thing to do in Ohio in the Winter...she takes a nap on the big leather chair. She's decided this is HER CHAIR! You have to ask her permission to sit in it...well, she wishes.

And here she is dreaming away twitching and snorting in her sleep. She's probably remembering the days when she could chase the rabbits...and catch the rabbits! She was our mighty hunter before she lost her vision. I'm looking at this picture of her sleeping, and I can still see the little puppy girl we got 11 years ago. My sweet Fiona.


Lori said...

AWWW- they are so cute. I too am ready for sunshine--Come on Mother about an early spring?
Stay warm!

AJ said...

Awwwww, cute puppy pictures!

I wish you could come out to Tucson :( It's been too long since I've seen you in person... Tahoe feels like it was forever ago!

New End Studio said...

What a precious pair...good thing the snow is not too deep, they'd disappear!