Friday, January 21, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Wednesday was my Grandmother's 97th birthday. Yes, that's right. I said she is 97 years old! My sister decided to have a 9+7=Sweet Sixteen party for Grandma at her home. She cooked like a maniac and had all kinds of delicious foods that were Grandma's favorites. Many of our family made it to spend the evening eating, laughing and eating cake. My sister even had a game of remembering...we tied! I remembered that Grandma added applesauce to her mincemeat turnover recipe.

Now what is so important about this birthday besides she made it ninety seven years is that last Tuesday, Grandma woke up in her bedroom to two masked gunmen robbing her. Pointing a flashlight and gun in her face, they tried to get her to go down to her basement. She refused as she told me that she knew if they took her down there, she'd would probably never come back up. So they forced her back onto her bed & told her that if she moved, they'd kill her. They ransacked her house looking for money, jewelry,drugs, and guns. The cowards even took the small vial of medicine she uses for her glaucoma. She was so shook up after that & luckily a neighbor saw the lights on in her house early that morning & rushed over knowing my Grandmother never gets up that early. They neighbor then called my brother & the family rushed down to help her. Grandma has been living by herself all this time, but she finally realized that it is not safe for her to be alone anymore as now she has become a target for these cowardly criminals. My cousin from Arkansas is going to come up and move in with her to make sure she is safe. Grandma's arm was injured as the gunman ripped the skin off her arm. She had to have the Doctor's Superglue it in place and has had to have it dressed and monitored for infection. She's doing well now, but it just brings to point that our world has made it unsafe for our elderly to live peacefully and safely in their own homes. Grandma found out that she was one of 5 targets from her neighborhood who were robbed & attacked. One elderly gentleman down the street was beaten up and in the hospital. What is wrong with this world??? Why are these offensive cowardly men and women targeting and attacking our elders? Easy money is the answer, but still what a shameful label we now must have to our world. Grandma will be kept safe, and we already promised her that her 100th birthday will be spent at Chucky Cheese. (okay I shuddered at this, but my sisters and nieces thought this would be a blast...I'd rather jump out of the airplane, but that is my idea).

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Carol said...

This is going on in our town too. Easy prey. How do we protect them? Most are either too proud to be dependent or have no one to look out after them.

We watched out for our elderly neighbors while they were alive.

Your grandma looks GREAT!!