Sunday, January 30, 2011

Even more Scotties

You can tell it was a stay in the house day yesterday. Chris was busy setting up his new television. Our old set went to my brother Jerry who stopped by yesterday & hauled the big monster over to his house. Chris has been wanting a new television for awhile, and it wasn't until he was in the hospital that I got the flu over Christmas (DAY mind you) and sat long hours staring at the television. I noticed a little blue blob in the corner of the display. Then I realized what Chris had been trying to tell me about the set. It is fine for just casual watching, but for someone like him who really enjoys being entertained & has an eye for any blemish on a picture...he did need a new television. Plus, he has been through the wringer with his illness & the two months in and out of the I decided he needed a new set. He bought it Thursday afternoon and has been in heaven since setting it up, getting the Internet connections to work with it, fine tuning the picture and rearranging all those cables connecting it to this and that, and oh my my head hurts thinking about all that. He finally has most of it put together & tomorrow on my day off, we'll probably try out the 3-D.

So last night he was working on getting the Blue Ray to work so he pulled out a favorite Disney movie-Lady and the Tramp. As it was playing along, I looked & saw that both Frodo and Arwen were running frantically around the set looking for those dogs that were barking. Both tried to stretch their necks around the back to see where that barking was coming from. Finally, Arwen got tired & just sat down to watch the television. I don't know if she enjoyed the clear new picture, but I did.

And Fiona...what did she think about all of this hub bub with a new television? That's right? Ho-Hum...where is my treat. This is an adorable shot of her in her favorite position, but this time I caught her with her head resting on her paw.

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