Tuesday, September 28, 2010

give aways & vacation

I just got this message from Ray over that Lark Crafts. Two fabulous give away items. One is a free download of the Helixa Necklace project from Sarah McConnell's One Big Beautiful Bead (I must download this now!) and then a chance to win one of the fabulous books that Lark makes (the non-Jewelry Lark Jewelry & Beading 500 series books, including the beaded objects, metal vessels, knives, glass beads, Judaica, enameled objects, and polymer clay entries in the 500 series). I love the Lark books. They are so well put together & the perfect books to go through when you are having a slump like me & need to jump kick the Muse. Which ones do I want? Well, of course the 500 beaded objects (can you believe I don't have that?) and I thought that metal vessel books look intriguing. The book giveaways are only for US residents & will be open until this coming Monday Oct. 4th. So hurry over to Lark Craft for a chance to get one of these books.

And Chris has been working on his thousands of pictures from Kauai vacation this month. This one is from the end of the road looking out North at the Napali Coast. And if you think real hard, yes you have seen this place before. Remember Jurassic Park??? Well that was filmed in Kauai & this is the place where the helicopters flew for the first glimpse of the island. Isn't it a beautiful place? While Chris was taking photos, I just sat & watched the clouds come up over the peaks and roll down into the valley. Then my attention was grabbed by the ferns and other plants growing around. This is truly a magical place. I'll post more once he sends them over to my computer. He is also working on taking these photos and making them into a book as a memento of our vacation. Costco will do this for a pretty reasonable price.

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Marty52 said...

Thanks for the great links... that giveaway is fabulous!!