Thursday, September 23, 2010

Excuse me-I have to rant!

I rarely use my blog to rant about something, but yesterday my dander just got all into a ruff. About what you might ask? My answer is about fast food or in particular-McDonald's. Yesterday on the way home from Costco during rush hour, we decided to just pop into the drive through & grab a quick bite to take home as we were both too tired to even think about cooking. I was surprised at how fast the line was moving as it was whip/whip/whip...done! I think it was only about two minutes from placing the order to driving away with a bag. BUT! as soon as we got out into traffic, Chris decided to open the bag & take a small bite of a few french fries...they were stone cold ! COLD! I'd say it was only 30 seconds after we pulled away from the drive through. The traffic was too backed up to let me go back & complain (which I have numerous times) so we decided to just head home which was only 5 minute drive. Chris only ate about 4 or 5 cold fries during that time. We get home, open the bag & funny but the medium order which was mine was almost full, but his large order was only 1/2 full...and we didn't eat that many! So needless to say, the medium order of fries had more french fries than the large. Another complaint I've had before! Then the sandwiches themselves which were also cold as ice, were soggy and tasteless. That's it! I'm through with fast food as my rant includes other fast food establishments like Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and especially Kentucky Fried Chicken. They are all banned from now on...forever. I've had enough of bad cold food which is advertised on television as hot & fresh, or fun and tasty, or value and nutritious!

I know fast food it bad for me, but I use to love it so much. I remember my Dad driving all the way to San Bernadino from El Monte for us to get McDonalds burgers and fries. And I would make a trip to Burger King once a week in college to treat myself. Wendy's was a special place we'd go to get a hot fresh burger, but all that is long long long gone. Now fast food establishments as so concerned about time that they've forgotten about taste! And from my above rant you can see they don't even serve food hot anymore. Wendy's talk about hot & fresh, but their french fries are always limp and cold & I do say that hamburger has shrunk every year. Burger King puts more salt on any of the foods just to disguise the taste of inferior meat. And KFC is just bad! It taste like the grease is weeks old & you have to scrap the grease off the inside of your mouth with each bite. Taco Bell...well, though tolerable, it too is now on my banned list because of tastelessness!

Time, time, timing. That is all this is about. Fast to the maximum! Feed the masses fast! Time, time, time! I don't care if I can get in & out of the drive through in less than 2 minutes...I care if the $10 I spent isn't wasted & all the food gets fed to the dogs because it is cold. Has this world got so time oriented that everyone has forgotten that to take a few extra minutes and serve something that is hot or even warm is more important. I guess not as I've noticed this trend for the last couple of years in all fast food. And don't let me even start on service if you walk in! I told Chris that from now on instead of FAST food, we'll go to someplace like Steak & Shake which for a couple extra dollars you get hot food & service above and beyond. Or just go ahead and go to someplace like Applebees which will treat you like a human being once there instead of a "timed" number. Or if I'm really in a hurry...I'll bring my own snacks & wait until I get home.

Okay, I've ranted...and I mean it when I say Fast food is now banned for me. I'm done throwing away my money on poor prepared, tasteless, and cold FAST food. Enough!


Dolores said...

You forgot pizza on your list. We have severely limited where we buy our pizza. Taste and service plus value for your money are the main reasons. Great rant. Brekkie is the only thing my hubby likes at McD - when we are in a hurry.

Emerald Window said...

I went to McDonalds once and ordered a fish sandwich with no sauce and no cheese. When I opened it to make sure I got what I ordered, what I saw was a cold fish patty with the cheese and the sauce scraped off.
I don't eat any fast food anymore except occasionally Subway, where I can watch them make my sandwich.

AJ said...

I know exactly where you're coming from, because I came to the same decision a few years ago! Now I can't even stomach the thought of fast food.

I don't know if Five Guys has come out your way yet, but they just opened here and they do a good, fresh, quick burger and fries.

flyingbeader said...

AJ we have one of those in our neighborhood. Will have to try it out next time I want to get a burger out. I made 3 pounds of potato salad today! Hum, wonder if the neighbors want any!

And yes, we have a pizza place we go to. I can't remember the last time I had pizza from a chain...oh was at the hospital & they got Donatos when the cafeteria worker called in sick...I ate out of the machine as I don't especially like cardboard pizza with nasty cheese.

Unknown said...

Right there with you on the rant! Depending on which chain, we live any where from 10 to 15 miles away... it needs to be piping hot to even make it home at a eating temperature warm. I agree if you are going to spend the money, you might as well go to a decent restaurant to a fresh hot sit down meal instead.

Katie B said...

We've cut back on ours.
Five Guys is here -- it's ok, but still fast food.
Right now the only drive through I am allowing myself is a Wendy's little double stacker (I am hooked) and it is maybe once a week treat.
DD coffee doesn't count as fast food for me because I don't get the donut.
I'm not a huge french fry fan (onion rings are better) so that is no biggie for me either.
Pizza isn't "fast food" in Jersey and by the time I load it with veggies, I think it is "pretty" good for me.
Does chinese take out count as FF ?
I get it once a week (mixed veggie's in spicy sauce).
I'm also not a huge bagel person and that is a big deal here in Jersey.