Sunday, April 25, 2010


I see that Gertrude's new hat is up to $242 this morning with 4 hours to go before the eBay auction is up. I'm so tickled that she is going to a new home where someone really wants her bad. And I'm delighted that my charity is going to be that much more enriched with all the money coming in from the Beading for a Cure auctions.

please check out Gertrude's new hat & bid !


Mary-Frances said...

Oh my! She's fabulous! I wish I had more than that laying around, I'd be a crazy bidder!

Lora said...

she is so pretty! glad she is bringing in some good $$ for the cause!

Lynn said...

Awesome - that must feel soooo good. My set comes up this week. I hope it brings in decent money!