Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I know no one that knows me will really believe what I'm posting today, but I spent a whole day yesterday without touching any beads! I didn't even go downstairs to my studio at all. I spent Sunday and Monday sleeping. I've been so tired from last week at work. And last night was about the same. The hospital is so busy with tons of ER admits. For me that means that I'm on my feet literally for the full 8 hours with only about a 10 minute break to wolf down some food. So my feet are killing me. I'm actually thinking of going back to the podiatrist for them, but he warned me that the next time...he's cutting! I broke my left foot three times when I was young. I know...clutz! Once in high school playing basketball while I was the left guard & got hit, fell, but my foot didn't. Then in college, I injured it again playing volleyball, then about 15 years ago, I fell down the stairs after coming back from vacation where we did some climbing in Utah. So it has so many breaks that have healed wrong. I have arthritis in my ankle joint and toes and probably standing on my feet night after night is not helping. So I take some pain pills and sleep! That really helps my feet, but then.....my hands! My Doctor told me it was good that I used my hands so much because...yep! arthritis in my fingers. So they are very stiff today from a couple of days with no beading. I'm hoping to get downstairs later to do a bit of beading on that Scottie purse. I does look nice after I glued it down. I'm pretty sure it will be in time for the Artist Reception Sunday afternoon.

Well, got to go do a little stretching all over so I can make it up & down those stairs. I'm praying people are little healthier tonight so I can at least sit down a little at work.

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Susan Elliott said...

Rest easy Dot. We need you in prime form out here!