Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scottie purse...almost.....

DONE! I finished the beaded overlay this morning. I would have gotten it done yesterday, but I had a Guild meeting to go to in the morning and was afraid that if I took a nap before going, I'd never be able to wake up. So all in all, I was awake Friday from 2pm to Saturday 1pm...23 hours. OMG, I haven't done this since I was in college! I survived, but the dogs would not let me sleep when I got home yesterday as Chris was out of town at an auction in Medina. I did manage 3 hours with two dogs laying on top of me before finally I got up to let them out, and then I couldn't go back to sleep but my eyes were too itchy with allergies to bead more. So I watched old episodes of 6 Feet Under. When Chris got home (early for him) we watched a movie from NetFlix. I swear, but it I wasn't so brain tired, I would have clicked off the television. We were watching 2012. Idiotic movie that tried to be too many things all at once and not succeeding at any. Oh well...slept all night with my Arwen and as you can see my BFAC went well. Gertrude's New Hat got a winning bid of $325 dollars! I would love to know who bought her. Funny, but last year I was on the teeter totter about sending her off to be auctioned. I'm glad I did.

So here is the picture of the Scottie overlay for the vintage woolen purse. All I need to do is to glue in on and then sew it down and do a pretty edging. Now, this is not a tiny purse. It is a woolen clutch purse. I'll have to measure it all when I'm done. I hope to finish it up so I can take it with me to the Artist Reception next week. I want people to look at my bag in my hand & not the bags under my eyes as I have to work Saturday night.

Well, tornado siren only went off once...I think it was scheduled to go off. We have had some heavy rains (yeah for my new tree) and some pretty hefty thunder. The Worthington junior soccer team was having matches in the field behind our house. Two big thunder boomers sent everyone off screaming...and no, I was napping & didn't hear it at all.

Tomorrow I'm getting Hal out as I really have to do some sewing. I'm ready to start my 2011 BFAC, sew a doll for the Doll Gatherer's Gala next month up at Punderson Resort, and mend some pants that have been sitting on the chair for a month.


Carol said...

The purse is beautiful, of course. Amazing work and amount of work!!

So glad Gertrude went high. I know how much you wanted to keep her. Someone REALLY wanted her and she has a wonderful home. You never know, she may come back to you some day!
XX, Carol

abeadlady said...

That's a beauty, Dot! Haven't made anything quite that big yet. Am making pieces to submit for the Gallery in Jamie Cloud Eakins newest book. It's due out in Oct,2011. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Good luck with your show.

Penny said...

Beautiful, beautiful beading. You can show this off with pride!!! Hope you get some rest soon --