Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Idea-Summer School

I've been reading Susan's blog, Plays with Needles. She had an idea to do a Summer program called "Charm School" in which every week she is going to take one of the many books out from her craft library and learn/do another project. I thought about that & decided that sounds like a good idea to get out of my comfort zone and learn some new techniques. I have many books on beading, doll making, and fiber arts along with many magazines, but here I had the perfect project for my Summer School...I am looking at my desk and saw the Bead-A-Day Beading 2009 Callendar with Sharon Hessoun & Friends. Right there is enough projects to keep me the whole year. So I'm going to primarily use these as my "homework". This week I used the project "Cellini Spiral" which is June 8 & 9. I think I pass! LOL! Love this & am already thinking of earrings to match.


Lora said...

I like that bracelet!!!!

Susan Elliott said...

Hey Dot!!! Good for you!!! I love that bracelet -- and I'm so glad you're going to school too! It's much better to go to school with chums. I don't know anything about this bead a day calendar so I'm off to check it out! What a great idea!