Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This weekend our doll group in Columbus along with a Quilting Guild opened our show called "Fiber Optics" at the High Road Gallery in Worthington Ohio. ( http://www.highroadgallery.com/ ). We do this show usually every other year. Imagine my surprise when I found out Saturday morning at our Guild meeting that I'd sold three pieces before the show even opened. Sunday I went to the artist reception & was pulled aside by the gallery owner to tell me that I'd sold 9 pieces total. WOW! She also asked me to do the Holiday Show in November. I'm so excited. Now some of what I put in the show was jewelry, but I did sell a lot of my dolls. I even sold the altered barbie called Winged Death. THAT was a big surprise! Most of the pieces at the show are older. I think the newest piece was 9 months old. I just needed space to create more. I'm happy to not be bringing back more things to my house & will be very happy when I get the money. It is going to mean that I can stay in the nicer hotel when I go out to Albuquerque next month! Woohoo, no HoJos for me!


Lisa said...

Dot - *I* think you underpriced your stuff at HR - I KNOW how much time and effort goes into some of that beading, even though you're a whiz at it - but I also totally understand the urge to let things go and find new homes and thus open up space for new creations. Congrats on all the sales!

Padparadscha said...

Wow, that's fabulous ! Hope you sell more !

Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

HIGH FIVE!! you rock!! congrats on the sales and better accomdations for EDAC!!