Thursday, June 5, 2008

Great Stork Factory-Pink Divison

WOW! I just got the lastest edition of Doll Crafter & Costuming in my mailbox & was so surprised to see not one, not two, but three Guilded Lilies inside the pages. First off, the front cover is of Linda Apple's doll. There is a fantastic article about Linda & how she created her sweet dolls. Then there is an article written by Judy Skeel about mohair. I was thumbing through it & saw one of her dolls & was admiring it before I saw she actually wrote the article. Way to go Judy even though she's up in Canada right now & won't get any congrat messages from me for a week. Then my Great Stork Factory-Pink Division is in the gallery. Okay, I don't think I shared with many, but here is the thing about this doll. It won the People's Choice award at Think Pink-It's a Girl Thing. SHOCKED ME! There were so many wonderful dolls there so I was sort of snoozing when they called out the winner. Cyn had to poke me awake & told me I won. Pam was shaking me. I truly was shocked. You can scroll down to see my Pink Doll. Pam also sent a picture of her, myself & Barbara Willis at the conference. She allowed me to share it with you all so you can see that I really do have a face. I'm the one in the middle clutching my stash!


Lora said...

WOOO HOOOOO Congrats girlie!! Now stay awake!!!
I've tagged you on my blog for a meme.

Mary Tafoya said...


Go here, copy and paste, then post to your own blog (and don't forget to tag five others!)

Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

WOO! HOO!! can't wait to get my copy of the mag! good pic of you guys !! good memories!