Monday, December 17, 2007

Deep Sea Diver

This is a project that I finished for my Ohio Beaders Challenge called "chip challenge". We had to use chips of some kind in a beading project. I've been wanting to do a fish for awhile & had been playing around with different forms. When I bought a strand of dyed MOP chips, it just clicked that they should be scales. The base for the fish is a felted styrofoam ball with tyvek beads. I used one of two baby dolls I found at the thrift store & made her into a mermaid riding on the fish's back. I didn't really attach her to the fish, as I'm thinking of using the fish in a class proposal for AFIC 09. I am going to call it bead coloring as I used the patterns of the material as a basis for the bead patterns. I'm going to be working on more projects like this to see how this bead coloring thing works out.


Lora said...

Dot that is one cool looking fish!! Those chips do look like scales!! Good thinking.

M.J. Mullins said...

She's adorable! Lotta work there - great results! And thanks for you nice comments on my blog - I love to work on dolls, it makes my heart sing. I need to check out your Yahoo group! Thanks again!

Gypsy said...

Oh, I love the term' bead coloring' Dottie! It is why I end up choosing the material I buy. A plain fabric just doesn't do it for me!
And the pic of you and Chris- I KNEW that was the 70s! LOL!
Aryd'ell- been there too!