Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

Here it is almost time for Christmas. I wanted to make several dolls for friends, but ran out of time. Oh, to not have to work & just spend the day down in the Art Cave creating, but I have to work so we all can eat around here. I have the weekend off a the hospital, but have to do the family thing & pick my Grandmother up from Portsmouth. My fingers will be itching as I'm in a critical stage of creating a doll. It has the body & legs done, with the head sitting on the desk ready to be needle sculpted, and the fingers needing to be "gloved". But I have time to do that...

I got my package from Australia with all kinds of goodies to play with. Chris & I are planning on the spending the two days after Christmas experimenting. He's really getting into making more fabric faces for me. I even caught him down in the Art Cave with an Iron! I think he's hooked too.

Here's a picture of Chris & I back in 1978 on Christmas at my parent's house in Portsmouth. Chris had brown hair & I had LONG hair! My goodness we both looked so young!

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JoTee said...

Had to comment on your two scotties, they are too cute!

Your beadwork is very colorful & very nice:-)