Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What a mess

My work desk looks like a bomb went off. Liz is coming down next week and I still have my homework to do for Marcia Decoster classes at 1 Stop in Dublin. Can I even find my instructions or class supply list? Nope. And I am going to be doing a collaboration with Amy Gaspard? Do I even have room for my seeing machine? No! So I either have to clean or board up. I know cleaning & putting away things is the answer but wouldn't it be nice just to move on like the pioneers did in the old days looking for more space? Guess I have to clean.


Gutukas said...

I like this creative mess in a way in a picture it is so "artistic". Generally I enjoy seeing other beaders' working desks, as I have soe space just on the bedside cabinet- dreaming of my own desk... Good luck in tidying and showing us the end result :)

Sparklyjools said...

Good luck - but I think your space looks wonderfully creative!