Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family milestone

Mallory Noel

Mallory and Dot
Victor, Melissa & Mallory
Casey and Jessie Buckler
Yesterday was a family milestone for us all.  My youngest brother Victor & his wife Melissa had a graduation party for their oldest daughter Mallory.  I cannot believe Mallory is not only 18, but driving AND a high school graduate.  I still remember the day she was born and if you go to my Facebook page you can actually see the video taken 18 years ago when Vic & Missy brought Mallory home from the hospital.  Then I started to think I even remember the day Victor was born...I do feel old at times.  But it was a wonderful party with lots of family there to celebrate with a nice luncheon at the Der Dutchman restaurant in Plain City.  It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves, and I finally got to met Mallory's boyfriend in person.  My Mother got to come and my sister Jeannette with her family.  We all just enjoyed talking and catching up.  And we get to do it all again in less than two weeks as Jeannette & Rick's daughter Jessie is graduating today & having her party on June 10th.  I just wish my Dad could have been with us as I know he would have been so very proud of Mallory, Vic, and Missy.

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