Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Diane Fitzgerald book review

I am going to ask you a question?  What image do you have in your mind when I say the name “Diane Fitzgerald”?  Do you think of a Designer? Do you think of a Teacher?  Do you think of a Scholar?  How about all three?    
 In Diane’s new book by Lark Crafts, Diane Fitzgerald’s  FavoriteBeading Projects, Jean Campbell in the Foreword, writes:
 The way Diane shares her knowledge of the beads with such gusto is what draws so many students to her. Whether it’s through her numerous books, articles, or workshops, she’s a tireless educator, encouraging the joy and the creativity that comes from her beadwork.

As Jean describes this new book from Diane, she calls her one of the “bead mavens” which I have to agree with right here.  I have all of Diane’s books and have used them all in my journey upon the path of bead weaving.  This book is filled with 24 of Diane’s favorite class projects that will delight anyone wanting to expand their knowledge while creating some delightful pieces of art.  And there is every kind of project for all skill levels in this book from simple bead stringing in the “ One-to-Many Strand Necklace”, netting around resin beads in “Fortune-Teller Beads”, peyote weaving in “Merry Cherries” necklace, square stitch in “Yao Necklace”, brick stitch in “Zipper Bracelet”, fabric flower construction in “ Apple Blossom Necklace”, and much more.

One of my favorites in this new book is “May Baskets” using the Zulu stitch, which Diane has presented to the public in a previous book.  This project alone is worth the purchase of this book, as I can see this adorable pin being made in multiple colors with so much variation of embellishments. And what is even more astounding about Diane’s new book is that with the projects she shows many variations of the project using different color schemes and materials.  And I could not stop without stating that I find her “Button Doll ornament” one of the cutest projects ever, which is simple enough to help a younger student assemble and give out as gifts and favors.

And as with other of Diane’s books, there is a gallery of work that you just won’t want to miss.  I met Diane last year at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee.  I was so in awe of this woman.  I told her how her books had given me the confidence to experiment and push myself to limits I never thought possible.  And that through that encouragement from her written articles and books, I challenged myself to construct three-dimensional pieces filled with beaded items made using her instructions.  She was a delight to meet, and I do hope that someday I am able to become one of those “many students” and be covered with all of Diane’s scholarly teaching skills.  

And Lark Craft is giving you a gift.  Click here for a free pdf file of a project from Diane’s book, Diamond Chain Bracelet.

Disclosure...As a reviewer of products from Lark Books, I receive the book above free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by Lark Books for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.


Roberta said...

I love her books. They are so easy to follow even for a non beader like me. I spent my summer vacation 2 years ago by the pool with her book and some beads. I had such a great time and not once was I ever frustrated. She is the best teacher.

Kristen said...

What an awesome review!