Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finding negatives

I've been working on several photographic projects for work & my 40th class reunion.  I knew I had taken photos from the laboratory 20 years ago when taking a black & white photography class and while hunting for those (which I still haven't found), I came across an old packet of negatives I'd borrowed from my Mom long ago.  I was going to give them back to her after I'd taken that class, but I forgot & it seems so has she.  I'm glad to have them as there are so many negatives in there from when I was a little girl before we moved to Los Angeles.  I'd developed some of them (which I can't find either) so this is a wonderful escape to the past for me.  Chris used his Epson photo scanner to scan the negatives and through some Photoshop magic captured this image of me, my Dad and I believe my cousin Bob.  I definitely am going to get that negative scanner for Chris as I want to see the rest of these before I decide to really give them back to my Mom.  One picture is the negative Photoshopped and the other is my playing around with some of the filters in Photoshop.  I love looking at old photos.  I think that is one thing I truly inherited from my Mom.

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New End Studio said...

It's fun to see what is on the old negatives. I found an old roll of film my Mom hadn't developed and although she thought nothing would come of it, the entire roll was still able to be printed. It was a peek into history.