Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cherry Blossom

Yesterday was Friday the 13th.  Nothing bad happened to me at all, but I'm not a very superstitious person so maybe that is why I decided to go out & enjoy the fabulous weather here in Central Ohio.  Started the day with Chris & my baby brother, Victor, with a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory over in Easton.  I promised myself to get something besides the Orange Chicken but when the waitress took our order, I automatically said "Orange Chicken".  It was so nice to get to spend some time with my brother.  He lives way to the south of Columbus, and I live way north of Columbus.  But now we text!

Then after a nice nap, I went to Janet's studio over in Valleyview where the Guilded Lilies were invited to come and look at teacher's applications for next year's Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay.  Wow is all I can say.  Some people are really going to have a very hard time next year picking out which classes they want to take. And yes, I'm holding my hand up already.

Carolyn posing for the camera

I think practice will make perfect with this technique. But I love it.

This morning, I didn't mind that Fiona woke me up bright and early.  I needed to get my class supplies ready to take a French Beaded Flower class over at 1 Stop this morning with Amy Gaspard.  Amy and I met at a teachers' meeting and seemed to like each other.  Her classes fill up very fast so I felt so lucky that after a phone call, Amy opened up two more spots for the beginner's Cherry Blossom class.  It was fun & imagine my surprise to see Carolyn & Andrea sitting there in class with me.  It was fun & though we only had 3 short hours, everyone got at least two blossoms completed.  Amy let me use her bead spinner.  I KNOW I have some someplace and now I must clean that desk to find my good scissors still AND I need to go through a cabinet where I think the bead spinner resides.  I think I've found something pretty and addictive.  Oh no...something else to keep me busy.  Thanks so much to Amy.

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