Friday, April 6, 2012

1 Stop Bead Shop Classes

I am going to be teaching a new class at 1 Stop Bead Shop in Dublin Ohio.  It is a square stitched amulet bag on April 20th and May 4th.  This class is to be split into two 2 1/2 hours sections so students can get a chance to work on the amulet bag for a couple weeks before learning to put the bag together and do the fringing and embellishments.  Both classes are in the evening at 6:30 pm and is $50 for both days.    For this class it is a plus to have some experience in other bead weaving.

Spiral Amulet Bag

Square stitch is also called off loom bead weaving.  A graph similar to that used in counted cross stitch is used making it easy to read the pattern.  Please join me in this fun class.  Once square stitch is learned, you can make bracelets or even dimensional creatures.  I'm thinking that I need to explore this forgotten bead weaving technique a little more and develop some new pattern.

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gracie said...

I do wish I lived "closer" I would love to take this class....