Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 Day Doll

I realized that I had not made a beaded doll since the one I finished months ago for Beading For a Cure. And after spending all that time working on the Beaded Illustrative Tapestry, I hadn't even done any bead embroidery in ages. I decided to challenge myself and to actually see how fast I could make a beaded doll. I looked at my work desk and there was a doll form sitting in the basket waiting for me to do something with it. This is one of my practice pattern dolls. The head isn't exactly right so she was tossed in the basket with all the other bone yard rejects. Also, on my work table was a big bag of beads from a kit that I'd half way completed before I decided I didn't like it and number 2 that I would never finish it. So with that and some other odds and ends, I put myself on a time schedule to complete a beaded doll in just SEVEN days. I made it! I must tell you that one day was a 6 hours beading day so you won't think I'm that fast. Like the colors. And yes, those wee hat/horns on this still unnamed doll are from that peyote star fish kit I'd bought at B&B.

The doll itself is from one of my own patterns I've been tweaking.
It is called Night Time Up. I needle sculpted the head, the hands, and the feet.
I didn't like this small head, so that is why she wound up in the bone yard basket.

Day ONE:
Placement of the focal beads & start to work on the leg.
All of the beading on the body was back stitch and stack stitch.

Day two through five:
Most of the torso is done. Nothing too fancy here.
Just sorting of the bead mix to have a complimentary color pattern.

Day Six:
Pretty much finished the body, but unsure on what kind of hair to put on the head.
Also, I wanted to use the two peyote horns somehow.

Day Seven:
Completed doll. Still not sure of what to name her.
Something Harvest????

So I did it! One beaded doll in Seven days. My fingers were aching after this one as sometimes I'll bead so long that I actually wear the silver off the needle. I did lie about only two bead embroidery stitches. I actually had to peyote those smaller focal beads so that they didn't "pop" off the body. Not sure if I really like that look, so I still might embellish those to complete. But all in all, I'm pretty pleased with her...that includes that small head! See what happens when you start working on something you discard.


AJ said...

I think you should call her "Fool's Harvest" because the horns look like a jester's cap to me :) Great job, btw. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a week!

Nita Butler said...

Love him Dot! Great job! I am gonna have to give that a try some day!

Fran said...

WOW! that's fast and you are a FANTASTIC beader.

Cody Goodin said...

The doll really turned out great. Wow! you are a master beader, to finish in just seven days.

char said...

What a cute doll it turned out to be. Its always fun to use something that didn't work before and have it come out so great. Good job!!!!

Didi-beadwork said...

I Love her Dot - she needs to be an Autumn Dervish with those pointy horns.
Diane, New Zealand

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love her. She reminds me of the 60's. Great color variety!!

Diana said...

How about naming her "Horns of Plenty?" Not my colors, but nice work!

flyingbeader said...

All great names. I'm leaning toward Diana's Horns of Plenty, but Diane's suggestion of Autumn Dervish is a pretty close second. Wish I could name them all better. Some people are just so right on when it comes to naming things then there is doll 2. LOL

The bad Liz said...

There is something a little Jester-ish about the doll - I love it. It's just a horny little jester. I have a small doll that I bought years ago. I really need to do something with it....

Hoopie said...

Love your dolls and Love your pups !