Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just a quick posting

It has been a busy couple of weeks here. Getting the floors all replaced, having the doll making Muse in full swing, and struggling to get the girls back in good health. The weather hasn't been too cooperative either as we've just had the 4th wettest September in Columbus. Which also hasn't helped in the allergy area either. I do wish my parents bought stock in Kleenex back when it first came out...we'd all be rich.

Here are a couple pictures of the "after" of the living room. We still need to get a new rug as the old wool rug had been damaged by far too many cats & Scotties. Frodo finished eating all the edges when he was still a puppy & I think the southern Sun had faded it. So for now, we have the braided rug in there. Also, my poor Micheal Parks' print has faded so bad too. We really need to either find another MP replacement or find another print that will fill that lovely frame. Oh, and can you see way up there on the Zenith radio a few of my new "family" members. Two are from the the class I took with Ute two weekends ago, and the others are from her new "Oggie" pattern that I'm just in love with. Now that the Sun is shining again, I will get out all the equipment to have a photo session with all my new dolls and jewelry from the past long soggy month.

Arwen is getting better. She's on the last of her antibiotics from the UTI. This is the second dosage as it keeps coming back. I'm hoping this is the last, but we now need to concentrate on having her diagnosed with Cushings. I'm pretty sure she has it, but before she can get treated, she has two more test to have done. We also decided to try letting her sleep out of her crate at night. Frodo loves his crate & won't sleep unless he's in his crate with the door locked (he'll come out & bug you until you lock him in for the night). Fiona has to be crated as she won't sleep downstairs by herself anymore. I think she woke up in the middle of the night & couldn't hear anyone so she's start barking. So we got her a new crate & put her upstairs with Frodo. Also with her blindness we just can't take the risk that she'd roam and fall down the stairs. Arwen has always hated the crate. She whines, complains, and hides when it is time to go to bed, but really how can a 32 pound Scottie hide for too long without us finding her? Well, we both decided it was time to try letting her sleep in bed with us. Day one, no accidents. Day two no accidents! Now we are up to a whole week without accidents and a very very happy Scottie girl. I even come home from work in the morning & there she is still snuggled up tight next to Chris. She very happy now & doesn't seem as nervous during the day time.

Well a quick post turned longish. I'm hoping to get more photos done tomorrow when the Sun is out. Also...just got a call that the house painters will be starting the outside job tomorrow. I predict I won't get a lick of sleep tomorrow!

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Amanda said...

Beautiful floors but mind the pups slipping on them. Mine can do summersaults when the door bell goes!

And you have a lot to answer for blogging about Ute's trolls!! They are so fab I ordered the patterns and a DVD and I'm almost finished my first one (Gregory). So addictive! I'm not sure if it's the skill in making the trolls or the huge fun of dressing them to character!! (and searching for bits and repurposing old cloths and, and....)