Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye Steve Jobs

Yesterday, I heard on the news that Steve Jobs had died. We both were very sad. We've been Apple/MacIntosh people since the beginning. I can't tell you how many Macs & Apple products we have in our house. AND..most still work because that was the beauty of Apple. Enduring pieces of hardware that not only were user friendly, but were so well made that I'm sure all our Macs will still be working 20 years from now. I remember going to the computer stores years ago that announced they had an Apple tiny section that was being spilled over by PC or at that time the new cell phones. I took a PC class at college & struggled with everything then just thought why does it all have to be so darn complicated! With Apple all you had to do was turn it on & everything you needed to start working was there & NO fear of viruses. I myself have had Chris' hand-me-downs for years now, but when the eMac came out, I got my very own new computer. Then I wanted a lap top & now I have a computer that is so awesome with a screen that is so bright. I still remember that tiny tiny screen from years back. Then Steve blew me away again with the iPod. I went into the new Apple Store here in Columbus saw the iPod on display before it was even coming out of the factory & bought one. I wish I bought stock right then & there. Yes, I still use my "Classic" iPod that has the hard drive in it...still works!

In memory of Steve I'm posting some pictures of webs from our yard. Without the ease of all the Macs in my life, I never would have been able to reach out & embrace the world pulling in friends, family, and inspiration. My Mac has been the focal point of a web reaching out to bring the world to me and to make me feel that I'm not alone. Thank you Steve.

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