Friday, October 7, 2011


Remember the paper clay heads I made last month of H'dor & S'lease? Well, I finally got their bodies done. Let me tell you that trying to create a body for a specific head is NOT EASY! I measured the head, had some of the gals from Doll Street Dreamers give me ideas on proportions & even found a website to help me out...but still! It was tough. I must have sewn three bodies at least for H'dor & he still looks out of proportion to me. Could be his pin head! But I finally finished them up & they don't look too bad. I'm calling them Tall Tales for now as I have to figure out how I want to pose them & find some other things for them to be holding on. I think I'm going to try making some fishing poles for them & fish, but might change my mind about them.

I'm not done experimenting with sculpting head from paper clay. It was fun & OMG! I painted! I really painted. But you know what...the needle sculpted heads are still my favorite. Guess I just need to practice sculpting more.

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Carol said...

These are cool...but I much prefer the soft sculpted faces. They look touchable!

I can see that it would be hard to judge the size the body should be after the head is made, but yours look pretty darned good!