Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowman Blush

I tell you all, but this jewelry Muse is really beatin' me up wanting me to create, create, create! I can't believe how many jewelry ideas are popping into my head, traveling down my arm, tickling my fingers to pick up needle, thread and beads. BUT...I can hear my doll maker Muse standing back in the corner tap,tap,tapping her foot angry because I'm ignoring her. SHE popped something into my head last night while I was sweating at work (our A/C went out AGAIN!) so I think tomorrow, I need to get HAL out & do some machine sewing. But in the mean time...more jewelry!!!!

I'm sitting her eat the computer with my steaming coffee cup as I just woke up & need at least three cups to get me going for the day. I look outside the window just to my right and what do I see...MORE SNOW! I'm getting so tired of this. I was remembering whe
n I would have Loved to see this much snow...back when I was a little girl. I grew up in Los Angeles & the only time I'd ever see snow was when my Dad would pile us all up into the car & drive up to Mt. Baldy with several card board boxes and snacks to keep us from driving him crazy. We'd slide down in our make shift sleds, get wet bottoms, and happily drive back down to the valley. I was 14 when we moved to Ohio (kicking and screaming mind you) but was excited when Winter came as that meant SNOW...but it didn't. It didn't snow the first year we lived in Ohio. But the second year...oh boy! School was canceled for the day and what did kids do back then on snow days...we hit the road with our shovels knocking on doors to get paid to shovel sidewalks. We charged a quarter for sidewalks and a whole 50 cents for sidewalks and driveway. After two to three hours and with the changing jingling in our pockets, we'd head downtown to the Bake Shop to eat greasy hamburgers with french fries in the cafe, and then blow the rest of the money on pastries to eat on the way home. So that was what snow meant to me when I was younger. Now it means driving in ice with white knuckles scared to death that someone is going to plow into the side of my vehicle or slide out of control making me slide out of control. So it is pretty only if I sit here inside looking out.

So why all the talk of snow & jewelry Muses and rambling...well, I have another necklace to show you all made with the beads I received from my friends over at Artbeads.com. I actually was energetic into making not only a necklace (I wore it last night at work...thank goodness it didn't melt), but earrings! and a bracelet. I used a combination of size 11 and 15 Toho Round seed beads for the majority of the piece. The centers are these great pearls I got from a Scottie friend who was selling her jewelry stash (thanks Susan) and the embellishments are tiny teeny sequins. The "frame" is something I saw at Byzantium years ago in the pearl section & I immediately bought the whole strand thank goodness as they never had anything like this again. BUT...the wee little snowman is from a set of lampwork beads I bought from Grace Beads years ago. Then I used some fabulous 6mm fire polish to finish up the construction of the pieces, added a clasp and there you go...I get to wear Winter around my neck all year long. I do adore snowmen so this is kinda special. Did I tell you all that I have a snowman collection in my bedroom year round?

My cup is almost empty so I need more coffee or maybe some cocoa would be nice to warm me up. I did look out back on the patio when I let the dogs out and noticed the grill was covered with an inch of ice. Since I'm so wanting hamburgers tonight (craving big time), I think instead of a juicy grilled burger as I don't want to fall on the ice, it is going to be fried tonight, but I'll be dreaming of Spring and the time when the grass is growing, the dogs are rolling (probably in the mud or mulch), the grill is smoking, and it is WARM outside.

Disclosure...As a reviewer of products at Artbeads.com, I receive the seed beads and fire polish beads above free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by Artbeads.com for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.


Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

Adorable!! and love the name!! you really are on a role! wierd...was craving burgers too...guess what we're having for dinner!

Gloria said...

I can remember when snow was fun, sledding down hills, getting it in my boots and having several layers of wet socks and a runny nose. Then home again with red cheeks where a snack or a hot bowl of stew was waiting. Thanks for saying you don't like to drive in the snow, it's no fun!

flyingbeader said...

Thanks both of you. I wore it to work last night & everyone adored it. I have two new necklaces & one bracelet to photograph & post about. I am enjoying doing jewelry again.

Sparklyjools said...

That is so unusual and so much fun! I remember when snow just meant beauty and excitement too. I think it's growing up and having to do things (like getting to work!)that spoils it!