Sunday, February 20, 2011

Classes & more classes

The last two weeks besides traveling all over the world from one blog to another during the One World One Heart blog event, I also have been beaded & even taking classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop here in Dublin/Columbus Ohio. This first set of bracelets are from a little mini class during Bead Club where Cindy A. is developing a class. She wanted us to be her guinea pigs & my wasn't I lucky for my very first time to get to learn a new technique. I don't remember what she is actually calling the class, but it is netting using 4mm pearls. The closure is magnetic, but this can be converted into a free flowing bangle or use toggles or other closures. I have a bunch of magnetic closures left over & have used them. These are two of the three bracelets I made. I made a gorgeous one with orange & yellow sea glass with green Delicas, BUT...I lost it Friday when my brain was in a daze from lack of sleep. Someone either at Applebees on Sawmill or Trader Joes now has a new bracelet. No, they didn't show up, but those were the only two places I was before I noticed it was gone. I think I learned my lesson there about those magnetic clasp.

I took 3 out of 5 classes Janice Berkibile was teaching at 1Stop Bead Shop this weekend. I really enjoyed the Pod Rings on Thursday night even though I'd been awake for over 24 hours. I came home Thursday morning with my hip aching from being on my feet all night at work & took a pain pill only to realize instead of calming the pain and making me drowse, it calmed the pain but made me hyper! I hadn't seen Janice since I was out in Tacoma this past July taking another one of her great classes. Friday I signed up to take two of the classes Fierce Connections and Crown of Jewels. Well, it would have been great, but Fiona woke me up before 6 am so there I was forcing to stay awake during the day class trying to learn to make earrings. Do you notice I have no pictures of earrings...because I didn't finish them. I had to go & eat (therefore losing my bracelet) & then came back to wait for the evening class. I must have drank 5 cups of coffee at dinner so I could wake up & have some conscience thoughts. It worked, but I realized that when I crashed it would be bad. Lisa was so wonderful to get in touch with the person on the waiting list & having her take my place for the all day class on Saturday which I KNEW I couldn't never make. I'm happy someone else got to learn more great metal working techniques and tips from Janice.

Saturday? Well, Fiona must have been tired too as she didn't wake us up until 6:30 am. We were both so tired we went back to bed for another three hours. It felt so good to sleep in. Then lunch at China Dynasty and a local shopping at Costco. All the time we were in the car, we were listening to Robert Plant's Band Of Joy which has been in my car since I got it from Amazon last December. I love this CD & Chris feeling better really enjoyed it too. No, I didn't take it out of my car...still there for me to enjoy.

So this weekend it was nice with 60 degree temperatures, and now the ice cold dampness is back. I was wondering if Janice brought some nice weather for us, which was a much needed break.

I need to mail out my two OWOH giveaways but realized tomorrow is Presidents' Day so I'll have another day to package all that up along with some other things that I need to mail out.

I keep wondering when Spring is going to arrive. This freak warm spell caused our young maple tree to sprout some buds & I saw some plants shooting up in the back. I just hope they all survive as I KNOW Winter is still here for awhile. Meanwhile, I'm going to bead away and find some time to do a little metal working.


Anonymous said...

Love looking at your blog seeing all sorts of beading gorgeousness.
Thos bracelets wohoo!!!

New End Studio said...

Dot, Hope you are feeling better very soon. I can sympathize over the weather, it's been snowing here most of the day and we are having icy mix next and then a few more inches of snow. I don't mind the snow, except for driving in it, but it started back in October and that's early for a winter lasting until early April. Stay warm, hope your hip is better.

Birgit said...

Hi Dot,

Thanks for visiting my blog -- it's great that you took the time to swap howdies. Your jewelry is amazing!

So you also have to deal with more snow, huh? I am ready for spring now. :)

Happy creating,

Katie B said...

I love the new pieces !