Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Acts of Kindess

Today I feel a little better. I've had some kind of Vertigo sneaking back into my life these past couple weeks on top of ever other stressful thing which I don't need at all. I actually didn't feel dizzy this afternoon when I woke up, and the Sun was shining. On top of it, there were two acts of kindness to me that really made me stop and realize there are wonderful people out there. First was my neighbor, Rod, who knowing Chris has been in & out of the hospital for the last 5 weeks shoveled the snow off all my sidewalks AND the driveway! Chris usually gets the snow blower out & does all the neighbors around us, but he hasn't had the energy to go out to the mailbox. Me, I wasn't looking forward to getting the shovel out as I don't do big boy power tools. It is enough to shovel pathways for the dogs. So it really made me extremely happy that Rod did all this work for us without our asking at all.

Then our sump pump has been on the fritz for over a week semi flooding our basement. Luckily the boxes that got wet just held radio tubes & metal components. The only thing ruin was the rug, but that is easy to replace. My brother who is a very busy man with a family of four and a very busy work schedule came over this afternoon & replaced the sump pump. He & I got to talk, drink some coffee & he finally picked up the present I got for him on our Kauai trip (we just never have the same work schedule). So now, I don't have to shovel snow or worry about more things in the basement getting wet. How lucky am I?

Then I got to thinking about how truly lucky I am even though I don't think so at times. I have a warm place to call my own. I have a car that gets me around comfortably. I have a job that isn't too physically stressful (just emotionally), I have family who are always there at a phone call, I have friends who call me (Pam & Cyn you know this is you) worrying about how I'm handling things, I have my dogs to give me love (and lots of wet kisses), I live in an area with little crime so I need not worry about violence again me or mine, I have access to the Internet where I can communicate with all the hundreds of people I've met through my +20 years online, and I have my health. I have to stop at times & just consider yes indeed, I am a pretty lucky girl.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Dot

This is the season to remember the good things in our lives. Its a good thing when you can be grateful.

Merry Christmas to you and Chris and your pooches.

Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

{{{{{Dot}}}}} love ya!

Didi-beadwork said...

You are an inspiration in my life and just meeting you and Chris for a few hours was a joy. I hope that Chris is better and your christmas season is full of blessing.

PS we have had rain here to stave off the drought so the snow will possibly come our way next year.
Diane, New Zealand