Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Voting begins

I've entered the ArtBeads.com's challenge called "What Inspires You?" I took one of the pictures my husband took when we were in Kauai & made my first embroidered cuff necklace with it. If you have time could you please vote for me of any other that catches your attention. You can chose 5 pieces from the group. What is the prize? $500 worth of beads. You know I'm drooling over that.

I thought I'd share with you some close up pictures of this encrusted collar as it is really tough to just look at one picture and see all the things going on as I really like to fill my pieces with color, texture, and wee surprises. I originally picked these colors when Duchess from ArtBeads.com wrote to her bloggers about the Colors of Fall Design Partners. I looked at the color palette and decided to pick some colors that I feel comfortable with and then a couple things that were out of my norm. I loved the 4mm fire polish matte gold. I'd seen someone do a bracelet using fire polish around the edges, but they'd done more of a fringe type work. I thought wouldn't it look nice to have those fire polish beads snugged up against the work making it look like golden stones ready to bounce off the cliff wall? Then the gilt lined goldenrod beads were such a surprise. I didn't think they'd work in with the greens and browns, but that little bit of gilt just sets everything off when looked at from a distance. The challenge was the delicas. I usually don't use delicas in my bead embroidery, but I'd taken a class with Sherry Serafini last year, and she always cages her main cabochons with delicas. It took me awhile to get it done as those little things are tough to see. I actually thought about getting a pair of cheaters to complete this, but finally, finally, I was able to get the second row of peyote to work. I finished the actual collar itself, but it was so bland, so I looked around to find something to add to it and there was this square stitched lizard that I'd done last month, but didn't have anything to use it with. It was perfect as it reminded me of the little lizards skittering around the ferns there on the Napali coast.

I also jumped into my stash of Byzantium treasures to work on this piece. I used the last of my salmon lined peridot seed beads (have to find someone who has more of these) and all the green margharites that I used for flash and bling. My hardest part with all of this project, and I'm still not thrilled with the outcome was the rope that is used as the necklace piece. I've torn that part up at least three times. I wanted a smooth even flow from the actual collar to the toggle. I think adding the three braided ropes to the herribone neck piece helped, but it still seems a little skimpy to me. I had to give up as the deadline was due, but my next project I'll have to concentrate on how to get the flow down right.

On another note. My husband is still ill from his surgery. He is having trouble eating. He's lost 19 pounds in 3 weeks. Now on me, that would be fabulous, but he was thin to begin with. Don't think we'll have any Thanksgiving meal here as cooking food makes him nauseous. I might have to just show up at my brother's house with a begging bowl out for hot food. One good thing I've found out...Wendy's has changed their french fries...oh yes, I've been eating a Wendy's a lot.


Deena said...

Hello Again! I did vote for you and I am just awed by this collar!! It is truly a work of art.Deena

sharon said...

This is jaw dropping gorgeous! I voted for you!!
Thanks for visiting and your kind comment. I hope your husband is well soon.

The Lone Beader® said...

Beautiful beadwork!

Cindy said...

I am just speechless. This collar is truly an incredible piece of art - it is AMAZING. I have no idea how one would make something this detailed, and with a zillion small beads. You deserve 1st place!

Susan Elliott said...

WOW!!! I haven't been by in a while and I am blown away by the work in this piece. I love the gold czech beads, the green center cab, and the square stitched lizard. Thanks for the close ups -- it's phenomenal!

I just read about your husband's surgery. I hope he has begun to feel better and started to gain back the weight he lost. I'm sending healing thoughts to you both and to the dogs...God love you all....Susan