Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heart, hearts, hearts

We have our 100th member over on A Bead Story. It has barely been a month since Cynthia & I were talking about starting a group for Bead Embroidery & now we have 100 other like minded crazy women joining us! YEAH!!!!! I still have the button over to the left hand side if you'd like to join our discussions on this great versatile stitch.

We also are doing a Heart Challenge. It is called "with a bead in my heart". I came up with the idea while once again talking to Cyn (one of us really has to move so we don't spend our time on the phone!), but it reminded me of that movie "With a song in my Heart" with Susan Hayward. What a tear jerker, but then I do adore the old movies from my days of coming home from school turning on Flippo at 4pm & watching the late afternoon movies.
But anyway, I came up with two piece for the heart challenge

This is Lucky Charm Monkey. Yes, a beanie baby (Duh!)
covered with the delicious bead mix from Whimbeads. It is called Nikkie's Lucky Charm. Doesn't it remind you of all those bowls of colorful cereal with those hard as rocks marshmallows. Do you remember the song??? I kinda do...must be all those dyes in the cereal before stuff like that was regulated by the FDA.

This other is yes, another beanie baby. It is called Flaming Phoenix. Doesn't those daggers really look like this heart is burning. The heart lampwork is one piece I got from the Bead Unique Retreat at Tahoe. Sorry, but I can't remember who it was from. I think the daggers were from Betcey from Beyond Beadery. And once again those lovely bead mixes from Whimbead. I'll have to check out what this one's name is, but I loved it. Looks like a burning orange tootsie pop!


Crazy Mama said...

these little guys are great! i'm inspired by your animals and one day i'd like to do one myself.

abeadlady said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes the old movies. I have a collection of the old musicals. Great post, by the way. But does the name "crazy bead lady" really fit me? LOL

Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

you've got to be the one to move....I just can't move away from the beach! I love Lucky Charm!! looks so much like spring....I know it's coming but not soon enough for me! and Pheonix is wonderful....you know I love the colors!!

Susan Elliott said...

Hi Dot! I'm just getting caught up and just read about the new group to sign up. Love the idea of working with the whimbeads bead soup...your work is always so much FUN!!!

DVArtist said...

You know how I feel about your art. Wonderful, fantastic, happy. And I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh with the post you left on my blog.

You are the best.

Lyric said...

seeing your work I think you're something of a nut case.
I LOVE nutcases!
what whimsical fun!