Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ohio Designer Craftsman

Chris & I decided to enter the Best of Show 2010 for the Ohio Designer Craftsman. The hardest part was trying to decide what three entries we each should pick. Then to do photograph, burn onto a CD & get it in the mail before the Feb 8th Deadline. Oh, did I say that I had to get the packages into the mail this morning with the foot of snow on the ground. LOL! I only say that thank goodness I have my ugly little boxie Element with 4WD! Without it, I'd be stuck in the neighborhood. But everything is in the mail & we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that one or both of us get a piece into this show. I think Chris has a good chance with his newest bot called Mr. Transistor.

I decided to enter Rachel's Dream for my first entry. I looked at the dates & Rachel will be finished with the gallery show on March 15th & Warren from Land of Odds promised it will be sent back a couple days after the show's end in Nashville. So plenty of time...but I have no idea what the ODC judge is looking for. He might think...WHAT? or Hum? or just skip all together. So I send in my Great Stork Factory: Pink Division also. That is the fairy stirring a big boiling pot of Sugar,Spice, and Nice. Even that might be too funky for a decided to send my purse in. WELL...I know that when I made this purse the beanie head was a big joke. I just did it on a whim because I like twisted weird stuff & wanted to see what people thought about this lovely purse all beaded up with a recycled beanie head sticking out. That might work on my webpage, blog or Yahoo Groups, but not for a juried show. SO...I cut the beanie head off. YES! I DID! Imagine my horror at a big hole in the middle of all that beading and I only had two days to figure out how to replace the damage. I took out every gemstone cabachon I had that matched the colors of the beading on the purse. Either they didn't work, or the piece was too big, or Chris would shake his head & say "no". I almost gave up, when I looked up & saw these pair of earrings I had made using a lovely Czech glass button I got from European doll designer a couple years at a show in Detroit. I took the earring down, put it over the big hole, and it worked. It truly worked. So I took the earring apart, and working with what was left over on the purse, I created a patch. I like it so much better. Now the purse actually looks like a real piece of art instead of some joke I'm trying to make. What do you think??? After? Before?


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

the purse is GORGEOUS! you would never know it was a "fix". looks like it always belonged and was always there!

bbdyevr said...

I agree with Lisa,
gorgeous & sure looks like
you planned it, not "fixed" it!
Great work!

Carol said...

O, after for sure!! but I still love before also.

Your selected pieces to send is good. Good luck to Chris too!

xx, Carol

abeadlady said...

I will be keeping everything crossed for you and Chris in this contest. I loved your purse before, but Wow! As Lisa said, "you would never know it was a fix." Stunning!

Spirited Earth said...

the new patch is fab..the beanie head was funny..but the after is lovely.

Katie B said...

"I" think it is MUCH more the piece of art now !