Friday, December 18, 2009


This is the doll that I made for the Mother Earth Challenge for Cloth Paper Scissor. She's so-so, but I thought I'd go ahead & enter her. Why? Well, because she is all beads! Even the face is beaded. AND this is my own pattern. Let me tell you, working on such a small measurement requirement was tough. I can sew small, but this was SMALL! I wanted to do an assemblage piece that was three dimensional, and it worked. And yes, I made all those leaves one at a time. Not the prettiest doll I've made (what am I talking about, I don't do pretty), but she's cheerful.

Speaking of challenges...I actually know the person who won the Use The Muse III. I have a doll that Susan made me a couple years ago. Check out the other love pieces of work. We bought a kit from Scarlett Larson & had to make something with the beads & the what she calls "Muse" which this time was a copper butterfly. I had the hardest time as stupid me didn't read all the instructions when I first started to make it & was working on a doll...then I reread the instructions & saw it had to be jewelry. YIKES! So I had to rip all the beads off the doll and try to come up with something in only a weeks time. Taught me to really read! I'm not sure if I'll do the Use the Muse IV in the future. I thought the price of the kit was a little high for the quantity of the beads. But then I'm into cheap beads, so that is probably my problem.

I'm also thinking about my Bead Journal Project for 2010. I need to get those jars out & clean them up. I'm planning on going to a couple doll making conferences this year. I've already sent my check for the Gala here in Ohio, but have to think about MM&M in Kentucky. I'd love to go, but have to figure out if I have the time off. I better decide soon or else the spaces will fill up. Patti Culea is teaching there, and Judy Skeel has a cute puppet class in the evenings. Plus, it will just be nice get away. I have to figure out my schedule this week at work.

Speaking of...we finally hired a new tech! After four months we are full staff again...AND...I made a suggestion on training new people to give them more experience in multi tasking and was approved to come up with training schedule for off shift techs. Now that was a huge surprise to me as lab people are so stiff & traditional. But times are changing.


Lisa Crone said...

I think she is adorable and VERY cheerful!!

I also wanted to stop by and thank you for the info on Beverly Gilbert! It is so nice to share and I appreciate it!

abeadlady said...

Nothing you ever bead is "so-so". Your dolls are always so distinctive. I love them. I often look at the one you and I swapped several years ago. It's nice to know I have an original by Dot. I loved your Muse entry too.

Lisa Crone said...

Hello again! Just wanted to drop by and let you know I visited Beverly's site and ironically she and I have been on a very similar journey with the SAME editor no less! I love when things like that come to the surface! Have a great weekend! Lisa