Thursday, December 31, 2009

end of the year

my subject is all in lower case keys as will be the rest of this entry. i just found out today that gill slone had died in a motorcycle accident this summer. she & I were corresponding for about 6 months before she left for a holiday in europe. she wrote and said when she got back we'd carry on our "conversations". i was delighted as we had two things in common...our beads and our scotties. gill had a boy named archie, and we chatted about our crazy scotties. then today when i opened the newest issue of bead and button, i saw an article she had written. i had been waiting for it as she told me about it before she left. there at the end was a "in memory" of gill. what?? i saw that she'd been killed in a motocycle accident while in germany back in june. i am still in shock and want to cry. i had been thinking about her last week during christmas but just thought like myself things were keeping her occupied. so i went to her blog which is still online and then clicked to her website. there was a note from her brother in law. i just am so sad tonight. this year, i've lost two bead friends who had encouraged me and gave me joy. lora and gill will be missed by me and others. then i read on nicole's blog that her sister died. nicole has lost her brother previous this year. o what a year.

i do hope that 2010 will bring all i know a better year. that all of us will not suffer loss. that all of us will find happiness and hope. my wish is for peace of mind for all those who i've learned to love.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so sorry Dot. Losing a friend is very hard.

pam T said...

o Dot, I am so sorry! Everything is for a reason as hard as it may be to accept it. I am thinking of you.

Carol said...

its the sad way of the world. the older we get, the more often these occurances.

we can only be glad we knew them when they walked the earth and remembering them brings their Spirit closer to us. that is the way of the Universe.

i always wonder what impact i will leave on those i leave behind. how will i be remembered? will i be remembered at all!

your friends have left their legacy with you.

i share your sadness because you have lost good friends.

xx, carol

abeadlady said...

I think many of us have to agree with you, Dot. 2009 was very painful in many ways. Perhaps 2010 will bring a lightness of heart that we all seem to need. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, 2010 will bring all us joy instead of the pain of losing a loved one...Thanks for your comments on my blog.


Beadwright said...

Hi Dot. I just read your post about gill slone and that you put in a word about my dear sister. Thank you so much. Yes, 2009 was a tough year. However, with wonderful friends (such as yourself) and all of us pulling together 2010 will be a much better time.

Thank you again for you emails


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