Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mother Earth

It must be my "thing" this year to be working on Mother Nature pieces. But I do enjoy the concept. I designed this wee doll for the Cloth Paper Scissor's Mother Earth challenge. The doll had to be SMALL! Less than 12 inches tall with only a 2 inch depth. So I made this little tree like doll form with feet that are suppose to look like roots. Then I beaded her. The face is a traditional Native American bead embroidery technique. I found a old Navajo necklace and got an idea for a beaded face. I traced a face design on a piece of paper and fused some fabric to the back. Then following the coloration from the paper, I did a back stitch around a focal bead in a circular fashion. Looks funky, but turned out find. At the feet of Mother Earth are about twenty or more peyote leaves in all different colors. That is what took me the longest to make. In her hand is a charm of JOY which was given to me by ArtTeaLife. Check out her blog, it is great. When I entered this piece I wrote:

"From your feet surrounded by forest leaves to your arms carrying the Stars, our Mother Earth comforts us and gives to all creatures the JOY only we can find in Her embrace. Thank you for my life and the beautiful world I live in".

Okay, why am I rambling on about this doll...well, I just got an e-mail telling me she is one of the finalist in their contest. Yeah! Now to send her off but after all the holidays as their offices are closed. Which lead me to this thought. Last year at this time, I made a resolution to get my beaded dolls published in magazines besides Doll Crafter. Well, I've achieved that plus more. So I've been a very blessed girl this past year.

And to entice you about other things, here is a picture of Chris' new creation called Artemis. You can check out more of his creations at MacRadioBot

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