Monday, August 17, 2009


I don't know if I've mentioned this too much, but I use to collect Scottie dog antiques. Our house USE to be filled from top to bottom. About 4 years ago, we decided to only display a small portion of our collection as we were getting into mixed media art & dolls and wanted to display our new finds. So most were packed up & put away. I figure that when we retire, I'll get them out & the pieces we don't want, we'll sell & travel on that money. SO...I really try not to buy any Scottie items anymore. Last week, Chris & I were at Macy's. He needed to get a battery for his watch. We usually don't go to Macy's once they bought our favorite store (Lazarus) here in Columbus, but there are times you just have to. Well, we were walking down the aisle when Chris stopped & pointed at something. I turned too one look & was in awe. Dooney & Burke is my favorite purse & there sitting on a display was a dozen different Scottie bags. I was shaking as they were so darn adorable. Chris asked if I was going to get one. I told him no I'm going to resist. We then went walking out into Polaris Mall to get some candles at Yankee Candle.

I admit it. I LOVE purses and/or bags. I have a closet full of them, and know that I really don't need anymore, but whenever I see any type of bag be it small treat bags or ginormous tote bag I just want them. Some women love shoes, I love bags.

Luckily Chris tolerates this, but every once and awhile he does have to put his foot down & remind me that I really don't need anymore bags...BUT...then there are times when he sees a bag & just knows I have to have it.ndle. He looks down at me & ask "are you still thinking about that purse?". Goodness crackers, but after 35 years he does know me so well, doesn't he? So back we went to Macy's. I'm "trying" on bags & then making him hold them up at a distance so I can judge which one I wanted. Women were walking by smiling & he said "I'm trying to talk her out of this". HAH! It is all his fault. I decided on the middle size but couldn't decide on the white with black Scotties, or red with black Scotties. Finally I picked out which one I wanted & went to purchase. He laughed & said he knew I was going to get it & didn't I want a wallet to go with it? NO! At least not as long as he was with me. LOL!. So here is my Dooney & Burke Scottie bag. It is adorable! And probably Christmas will be seeing a wallet under the tree that will match.

Speaking of purses. Two weekend ago, I & my friend Pam took Sherry Serafini's beaded purse class. Now, I know I do bead embroidery, but I've always wanted to take a class with Sherry after my other beadie friends have told me what a blast she was. We took the class at a shop here in Columbus for 1/4 the price of the small class she was teaching in Milwaukee. The classroom was packed. The bead store owner over sold the class & wanted to add 4 more people, but Sherry said 21 was enough. We barely had room to work it & I had to be careful not to nick my friend with my needle. It was hot, and Sherry could barely move around. Really uncomfortable situation...but after an hour, I didn't care. Sherry was everything I've heard plus more. Now to explain this purse I'm doing...I've gotten into using beanie babies for my art projects & this time I wasn't going to stop. So I used a beanie bear head that I needle sculpted & put on a brass volume control ring from an old Admiral television. There it was ready to be glued down. Everyone else had beautiful glass, stone, or fancy cabs for their focal point...I had a bear head. Sherry stopped, smiled & said that was the first time she'd seen one of those! Then to beading. Guys...I bead very fast & I never draw patterns, so when everyone else was still drawing patterns on their Lacy's Stiff Stuff...I was going hell bent for water. I actually got 1/4 done before the end of the two day class. Sherry was friend Pam told her I was called SpeedieBeadie. Am i ever. And though this is an awfully out of focus picture, here is the front of the purse. I had to throw away the other pictures I took as they would have made anyone sick to see them as they were blurry! So I promise, more better pictures. I'm going to let Chris take them.

One other things...Sherry & I were talking about the Bead Unique Lake Tahoe Retreat & how much fun we were going to have. I can't wait to spend more time with her in a relaxed atmosphere with drinks & beads & fun & laughter & friends. I told her we have a core group that had been to WhimBeads' Vegas Retreat & many of us were returning & planned to have one heck of a time. I know that Beki Haley is having a day count down! ME TOO!



Magpie's Mumblings said...

Two very lovely purses! I would love to have lessons on beading from *you* sometime, because I wish I could bead faster and it sounds like you'd be the one to teach me.
btw...I'm getting all sorts of oohs and aahs over my wee beaded doll...thank you once again!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love the part about your husband. Mine is the same way. Isn't it part of the reason that we keep them so long. They are the BEST.

Your purse is georgeous!! Please tell me about it. How did you choose a purse to bead? What is it made of? I want to try this.


ct said...

Hi Dot,
Your purse is amazing! You are an incredible beader. Also love the scottie bag. Your blog is so fun to read - was nice to see you in Columbus at the bead shop with Pam. See you in a couple months at a GL meeting- carolyn

ct said...

Hi Dot,
Love your beaded bag! Turned out wonderful. Also love your scottie purse. Was nice to see you at the bead shop with Pam. Your blog is so fun to read. Thanks for the inspiration. See you in a couple months at a GL meeting.
-carolyn (cleveland)

Katie B said...

Dot -- I didn't know you were a purse hound??
now you have a hound purse!
It is as cute as it can be.
LOVE the Sherry purse -- can not wait to see it!
I'll see you in 6 weeks from YESTERDAY !!

Susan Elliott said...

I think that was Scottie Dog karma working in your favor regarding that purse!! Is your scottie dog love only for black ones?

And that purse!! What an inspiration you are! I can't wait to run off and make one of my own! I'm just not sure when...

flyingbeader said...

Carol, the purse is one that I bought from Sherry, but after taking her class, I now think I can convert any purse into something wonderful. I have several vintage I bought with bakelite handles so they are "speaking" to me. Maggie, if you want I do travel to teach! Carolyn, can't wait to see you too, but don't think I'll make it to a Lilies meeting for a couple of months. WORK! BLAH! Susan...oh I love all Scotties. Right now I have two wheaten color females & a brindle black boy. I even had a big orange tabby cat who THOUGHT he was a Scottie. I picked the white with black Scotties because I already have a red bag! YES KATIE! I adore bags from wee small things to big tote bags. Ask Cyn, she'll tell you what a mess I am