Sunday, August 30, 2009

WOW! Good stuff yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up feeling really tired. It has been a struggle at work this past two months as we are down two whole full time positions on night shift. We've been lucky to have one person from second shift work with us, but she's been difficult at times to work with. It takes a certain kind of personality to work the graveyard shift & keep your faculties straight. This person has gone from buzz to maniac. She's not sleeping & now is aggravating to all who work with her. Two of us went you our boss & told her we'd rather work short than have someone who argues with us & the nursing staff all the time. I think I'd rather be physically tired from working super short than mentally tired from not going off on this person who only wants to help. It is really hard to keep my cool. So, yes, I was mentally tired when I got up yesterday afternoon. I come downstairs with slits for eyes as I could not wake up, and there was this box sitting on the counter waiting for me. I made my coffee and was listening to the hiss it was making when Chris came inside & asked me what it was. For the life of me, I couldn't remember. Then I saw the return address was from Fran.

Fran is a wonderful dollmaker I met last year when I was out in Albuquerque at EDAC. Fran is from Las Vegas & belongs to a very active & fun doll club there. Fran also has a blog & was so excited about her 200th blog entry so she was giving out two gifts if you commented. I did not thinking I'd be the lucky girl, but there I was...lucky! And after I opened the box, look how truly luck I was! AMAZING hand dyed lace & ribbons, and lovely yarns. Included were batik fabrics to die for with some gold dust, and other things. Boy was I one extremely happy dancing girl. It made me forget all about my problems at work.

Then my day went sour again. We decided to go to McDonald's for a late lunch...wrong! It was cold, cold, and even colder. I wasn't in the mood to argue with the manager or to even combat the pimple face teenagers behind the counter. Funny, but some restaurants are decent, but then some are just mediocre. I think it all depends on the manager & we could tell this manager didn't give a damn about his customers. I'm never going to that franchise again as there are McDonald's that actually ARE clean & DO serve hot food. So there I was coming back home in a foul mood again. Chris then asked me if I was going to the garage sale at the bead store.

I put answering for an hour thinking would me in this foul mood really be happy there. Then I decided 15 minutes before 1 Stop Bead Shop would open its doors for the garage sale that I'd go. I jumped in the Element & was there 5 minutes after the doors opened. There were 14 vendors there besides the store staff selling things that they didn't want anymore. It was crowded, but not as bad as I thought. I looked at one table, nothing interested me, then I saw some findings that told buy me & make a doll with me...WOW! My mood changed with my Muse kicking me, or it could be seeing prices that shocked my senses straight. I then went crazy. Funny, but I was wearing one of my bracelets from a class I taught & two of my students said they saw it & realized it was me. Others saw it too & lucky I had cards to hand out as now I think I'll get a few more in my bracelet class in November. Also met Dixie who I met in Sherry's purse class. We talked about the fun time we had in the class. Dixie asked me if I'm done yet...not yet, but close. So here is the big stash of beads I got from the garage sale. I WAS HAPPY! FINALLY! I knew beads would redraw me out of my funk.

Then a couple episodes of X-Files (working on my box set I got for Christmas last year) and a wonderfully cool night to sleep & dream & wake up happy, refreshed & ready to work on that purse which will be in tomorrows post. Now to finish this up & get ready to watch Mad Man on AMC. Love this show.

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