Monday, August 24, 2009

To the Post office....

TOMORROW! YES! I finally got everything printed, burned on CD, and written up. I'm ready to get up early tomorrow morning and head out to the Post Office. Now to some folks this is a very simple thing with no thought involved at all, but I totally HATE going to the PO. I think it all comes from when I was still living with my parents & I had to take packages to the Post Office to mail for my Mom. It was triple HE&& to send anything back in the 70s at our small town PO. You had to use the right kind of paper, with the right kind of tape, with the right kind of twine, and the label just so. Not to mention the PO closed at 5pm and the lines were L-O-N-G. I cringed every single time I had to go. It is much easier now, but I still put it off until the last minute. I KNOW you can have them pick it up but even that knowledge doesn't help. I still procrastinate. That is why I never do round robins with other artist. I never get the package on the deadline. BUT...I'm ready & geared up for tomorrow. I'm going to do this before breakfast & then treat myself to something yummie at the restaurant.

Everything is all ready to go to Land of Odds in Nashville. I made double sure that the CD would work, and have extra pictures of Rachel's Dream. I also had Chris read my story (okay another cringe thing ) and help me get all the paper work together. It is packaged & sealed.

Then I had to get everything ready for the Dimensions in Doll Making show which is in San Diego with the big Quilt show. I'm sending three entries for that. I'm sending Tootsie & Tullulah for the Barb Keeling Bra Doll Display. Then the hard part as the dolls had to be anthropomorphic AND mailable. I really wanted to send How the Chicken Crossed the Road, but I was afraid the rocket would break on the way to San Diego. So I went through my other pieces. Some were too fragile & some were just not human enough. So I decided to send my AFIC piece "Getting Motivated", and since the doll could be something humans do...I'm sending Peter in his carrot mobile (in my heading). The engine of the "car" roars when you pull the green ring. So, all packaged in a large flat rate Priority box with paperwork, check for return postage, Artist statement (boy do I hate writing these without feeling stupid), and business cards.

Whew...I took a big breath. So now to wait. Wait. And Wait. I am going to picture my judges as this group of happy go lucky Scotties from the movie Coraline. Who wouldn't laugh thinking of all those wagging tails and perky ears looking right at you. wait!!!!!


Plays with Needles said...

Dot, I am amazed at the sheer volume of what you've submitted...I can't keep it all straight so I'm glad you can. Good luck with ALL your submissions. I love your work!

coolmoon said...

Dot - your description of the post office you remember is STILL the post office I deal with here in our little town. They are PICKY, and rude to boot. They won't even supply a little bit of packing tape, and hate when you stand in line to ask questions (where else are you supposed to stand?).
Hope your visit was hassle free.
Happy beading!