Thursday, July 2, 2009 homework is late

Oh I've been a very bad girl. I have been keeping up week by week with my homework for Summer School, but I've been too lazy to download the pictures to my computer. Most of the pictures have been so fuzzy. I really must learn to use my CoolPix to take close ups instead of relying on using PhotoShop to crop. So that is my excuse. My dogs didn't eat my homework (hey it HAS happened when Frodo ate a whole spool of my orange Silamide, and my old cat Casper did eat the corners off a paper I did for school), but my photography skills are less than to be deserved. Sorry...teacher.

For the second week of SS, I pulled out my copy of Diane Fitzgerald's the Beaded Garden. LOVE this book. I used it way back in 2005 when I was working on Fantasy Swim. Week two and three were working on flowers. I did peyote flowers using different size beads, herribone flowers, and netted flowers. I think they look pretty good together even if the photos are bad. Then for this, the 4th week, I did a bug from Jill Oxton's magazine. I LOVE this bug. I don't have the issue up here right now, but I'll edit it later to tell you what issue it came from.

Tomorrow if I get up in time (gotta work tonight), I want to get to Bzyantium to turn in my proposals for Fall classes & to buy some more green delicas to make this other bug in the same article. I forgot how much I loved doing square stitch. It was one of the very first bead stitches that I taught myself. Who knows, I might make a whole bunch of these beetles to wear around my neck!

Hey, I actually realized that I can move the images around in different parts of the post...another thing learned in SS.


Susan Elliott said...

LOVED this post!!! I brought Diane's book down to the beach to play with too...In fact, I may have to use that for my next week's charm because stumpwork was going to be too many supplies to bring in addition to everything else.

I think the flowers look great together and it was very smart to put them all on the same piece kind of like a sampler...will you put the bug there too...I think I have that mag somewhere -- I'll have to hunt it up because those bugs would look great on a garden crazy quilt.

Great get high marks!!

pam T said...

OOOOOO LOVELY! this is quite breathtaking, Dot!