Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whatcha think?

Chris made me a new logo for my blog. What do you think? It is a group shot of some of the beaded beanies that I still own.

Just got the bill for my domain name. I realized that I hadn't done a thing with that website in over 2 years, so I set Chris on a mission to rebuild He lost the original program he first built the site with, but he has another program that he's going to teach himself & work on a brand new website. I really need it as what it up there is so old AND I don't even look like the bio picture anymore. MOF, I think that was taken around 7 years ago when Fiona was very young. Now she's a fat old lady dog with her son getting gray hairs!

Oh well...enough. I've got to get in gear & get to work. Been working a lot lately as we are short staffed due to people quitting. Nice having the extra money. I plan on saving it all for my big trip to Tahoe for Bead Unique's Retreat. Can't wait! I heard that they are almost sold out.



Lynn said...

Love the new blog header :) makes me smile!

Diana said...

Nice work, Chris!

Katie B said...

I miss the pups but this is sharp!

does Chris hire out for non Mac work (web sites) -- serious question here !

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such cute little critters! Makes me look at the 'definitely going to be worth a fortune someday' beanies in a whole new light.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hey Dot!!

Its just the PERFECT header. I gave a little gasp when I saw it. They are such an impressive group, and they really speak to your current craze, don't they? Nice going Chris, but don't you think he could have snuck in a cameo bot?

xx, Carol

abeadlady said...

Ohhhh! I like this. Way to go, Chris.

Timaree said...

Your header is terrific. You can tell him he did a great job. Hope you get to Bead Unique and have a great time.

flyingbeader said...

Thanks, he is working on getting my website fixed up so it doesn't look so dull.

As for robots...we are working on other projects & will probably have some robots to share in the future.