Monday, July 20, 2009

Doesn't anyone care???

I am very disappointed in our media today. I was very excited to wake up this afternoon & find coverage today about one of the most momentous days in the history of the United States. Nothing! There was coverage about the Jonas Brothers, most about Michael Jackson, Health Care Reform, but nothing at all about the day 40 years ago when Neil Armstrong became the first man every to walk on the surface of the Moon. I had to search and found one tiny article about Buzz Aldrin. What is wrong with people today? I'm so disappointed that most people have no idea who Neil Armstrong even is! Maybe it is because of my age, and the fact that to me the mission to the Moon was such a big part of my life while growing up.

I spent my childhood in a suburb of Los Angeles during the late 50 early 60s. I can still remember when I got my issue of My Weekly Reader. I was just learning to read and would sit for hours going over every single word making my parents listen to me. One day I was reading about John Glenn being the first American astronaut in Space. I had no idea what an astronaut was, so I read it to my Dad asking him questions. He then told me that John Glenn was from Ohio where we originally came from. Then he took out a children's book of knowledge (maybe it was called that, will have to ask Mom), and showed me pictures of the Solar System. I was hooked! I had to read everything about the planets and the astronauts. I was obsessed with the Mercury Missions and wanted to see all those men brave enough to sit on top of a huge rocket & get propelled into Space. Heck, I wanted to be an astronaut. My Dad would let me stay home to watch every launch of the Mercury mission, and then later on with every Apollo mission. I saved Life magazine articles, and begged older adults to explain big words to me when I'd get stumped. My teachers helped me explore my fascination with the planets, and encouraged all students to do the same. So there I would be shut up in our house watching in glorious black and white the images from lift off to splash down.

On this day, July 20th, 40 years ago we were living in Portsmouth Ohio. It was a steamy typical Ohio Summer night. My Dad had grilled out hamburgers for us as a treat for this special day. He made us root beer floats, and all of use sat in our house with a small fan blowing hot air over all 7 of us watching Walter Cronkite talking to this person or that person waiting for THE MOMENT just was we were. Tension was so high! We were afraid to leave the room or else that minute in history would be gone. Then the there he was! Neil Armstrong stepped out of the LEM, and was climbing down the steps. In a crackling voice we heard his words as he put his foot down onto the Lunar surface. We all jumped up & yelled. I still remember that iconic scene when Walter was so happy he took off his glasses, wiped his eyes & smiled like a goof in front of all of America. He was so proud at that moment...and so were we. My Dad was so excited that he told us all to come out back. As a surprise he's found a pair of binoculars and we all took turns looking at the Moon trying to see the Astronaut walking on the Moon's Face. It was such a spectacular night. I couldn't sleep and would peek out the upper bedroom mirror looking at the radiant beams of a place Man now walked on. I spent the next days nervous until finally news came through that the Astronauts were safe. was so thrilling to be alive that day.

So though the rest of the world has decided to ignore this day, I will sit here and remember how exciting it was to be alive on that day. To look up at the shining Moon face and realize that it was really a place and not a picture in my books. Maybe the Nightly News will have something about this glorious day, but I'm sure there will other reports about some celebrity getting divorced. Our world is so different. Our views have changed, but deep in my heart, I still hold true to that thrilling time when Men wanted to reach out for the Stars, and they did!


ps...I just turned on my favorite television station...TCM (Turner Classic Movies), and they are showing movies with the theme of the I guess someone does care. Right now is a movie that Robert Heinlein wrote the script for. I'm going to watch that while I cook dinner.


Lana said...

Yeah! I too remember that glorious day and still to this day watch every space flight and landing when it is possible. "The Eagle has landed" and "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" will also be in my heart and mind. With the passing of Walter Cronkite a little was said today about the 40th anniversary...Walter Cronkite was such a huge fan and supporter of the space program. I even remember my Daddy making me stay home from school to watch the first manned space flight and splash down! I was six years old and sure wish I kept a journal. I live in Scottsboro, Alabama, and have visited the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama many times. Those first little space capsules were amazing...such brave men! Thank you for reminding everyone about our spectacular history!
Blessings, Lana Richey

Carol said...

Gosh, there was a lot about it on the national morning news. Our local news carried a lot, but that was probably because astronauts were in town over the weekend here.
CBS has lots both on Sunday and yesterday.

Georgina said...

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. The whole family sat in front of the t.v. set and watched with complete and total amazement at what was happening up on our little moon. I recall my father telling us that this was a momentous day and we were witnessing history in the making and he was right. It was even more exciting than watching the Beatles perform for the first time in the U.S. on the Ed Sullivan Show!!

I agree that the media spends entirely too much time on "entertainers." Our grandchildren have no great heroes, just over paid sports figures and mediocre bands. Case in point, my 9 year old grandson loves the Jonas Bros... oh hum.

Plays with Needles said...

Don't despair too much Dot...Jack and I watched the history channel and they ran a series on all of the Apollo missions all day long...we then decided to watch Apollo 13 this Saturday for movie night. All is not lost.

freebird said...

We had coverage on our TV and I was hoping it and some other stories would eclipse Michael Jackson but wouldn't you know, today the 27th they are STILL talking about him! My goodness the media needs to get a life! I don't really remember watching this but it could be the years our TV was broken and we didn't watch any. I remember the stories about it, just not the TV news.

J said...

I care. I was born that year so I don't have the memories but my hubby was about five and lived and breathed all the moon mission. He still loves it. We too was disappointed by the lack of coverage

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