Monday, February 9, 2009

Moon & noticed

This morning when I got off of work & was driving out of the hospital parking lot, I looked up over the trees of Sharon Woods & saw an amazing Moon. It was luminous white with a halo around it. There must have been fog in the upper atmosphere from all the snow/ice finally melted. The whole sky was lit up, but the image of that Moon shining with an almost pulsating beat just took my breath away. Also, today was the first day this year that I've been able to walk Fiona when I get home. She was so darn excited that her tail was buzzing. It took twice as long this morning to walk because she had to stop & sniff everything. Such a funky old girl. I forgot how much I missed our little walks in the morning. She gets ignored a lot because she likes to be by herself. Frodo & Arwen are constantly wanting attention, but Fiona is quiet. Sometimes I can't find her for hours, and then I'll come across her laying in the middle of the staircase in the dark just looking out the window. I talk to her when we are walking & she "huffs" back at me. I was also thinking this morning that Fiona will almost be 9. Her birthday is on April Fools' Day. Her sister passed away over 18 months ago from a heart problem & my beloved SkyeBlue died at 8, so Fiona is a pretty special old girl. She's healthy except for her heart condition, and I'm always aware of her physical activity. She's pretty chubby right now (so am I), so we're going to slowly get her in shape.

Also, I just saw that I've gotten noticed by a doll collecting/maker blog. I was just thrilled to pieces to see my Feb BJP bear on that site with dolls of other famous doll makers. It made my afternoon so thrilling. Here is where it is shown

One more thing. Today is my anniversary. We've been together 32 years! Can't believe that so many years have gone by so quick. I'd asked for tonight off so we could go out, but someone forgot & scheduled a colonscopy for liquid diet for him & sneak eating for me. I told one of the girls this morning at work that I was going to sneak out & get a Big Mac for my anniversary. She laughed & said wouldn't that be horrible to come home with Big Mac breath & he can't eat nothing but jello & broth. Oh well, I really wouldn't do that, but I hear some cookies calling my name.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Congrats on your anniversary. That is a long time to be together, especially in this day and age.

I hope you get your much deserved anniversary meal after the colonoscopy and all is well and good results.

Lynn said...

Hi Dot! Happy Anniversary!! That same beautiful halo moon was shining at my house too. It literally had a pink halo around it and was so bright - how neat that we both got to enjoy it. Congrats too on your latest doll acknowledgement - your work needs to be seen by as many people as possible!!